TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw Reviews

TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw is exceptional pole saw from the company named Troy-Bilt. The saw is well known in the market for its exclusive characteristics. The most amazing feature of this saw is it doesn’t come with a motor. You must be wondering how it can run not including a motor. Not actually. It doesn’t contain a motor but you have to attach it to a gas powered unit to apply the pole saw. You can call it an accessory instead of a pole saw. Though it’s a negative point of this saw, you can get multipurpose uses from this saw. The saw is compatible with many reputed brand saws akin to Craftsman, Remington, Ryobi and so on. You can add it to your existing trimmer and get join features from the saw. It has a 7 feet lengthy pole that reaches up to 12 feet. The robust 8-inch chain and bar cut the unnecessary branches nicely. It is lightweight also.

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Perfect The Cutting Task

The pole saw attachment is a great tool for each cutting task you see in a garden. It will cut the tree branches cleanly so that your garden will appear more decorated. It comes with the 8-inch bar and chain to boost up the cutting rate. It’s a wonderful attachment for pruning, trimming and even hedges. So you don’t have to concern about the cleanliness of your garden anymore.

Log Cutting Ability

The tree log is another stubborn waste material which is not needed for our garden at all. You will find a bunch of unnecessary logs in the garden. A typical saw cannot cut them accurately. Yet some breaks while trying to cut those logs. But this saw can do the task of cutting logs. It can cut logs that are 16 inches in the diameter with its superb cutting power.

Self Lubricating

Oil needs to supply to the chain and bar when it requires. You might forget to oil up the saw. Your works will be hampered when you are not supplying enough oil to the cutting bar and chain. The pole saw comes with the self-lubricating method. It means you don’t have to think anymore as the self-lubrication method will automatically supply oil when needed.

Effortless Carrying

The saw attachment is the greatest saw attachment on the market if you consider the weight factor. It has just 3.4 pounds weight. When you want to go to another place from your home and need to take the saw too, its weight will help you to do so. With this super lightweight, the saw will not be a trouble on the journey. You can simply carry it or lift it by your hand. Even you can place it in place too because it doesn’t take much space.


  • Supplies oil to the saw with the auto oiling method when it requires
  • 8-inch chain and bar helps you to cut unnecessary limbs cleanly
  • Capable of attaching to different kind of trimmers like Remington
  • Comes by the availability of two extensions
  • Provides versatile apply to the user by getting attached to a trimmer


  • Not capable of running lacking a trimmer

Solution: This pole saw from the TrimmerPlus ps720 manual is a saw of 8 inches. Though it’s a saw, you can call it an attachment as well. Because it’s an attachment more, a saw fewer. Even it’s not possible for this saw to work by yourself. It needs an additional companion to run. Without any trimmer, you cannot apply the saw. This is a trouble. If you have any existing trimmer, no matter it’s old or not, this pole can do a excellent job by attaching with the trimmer. If you didn’t get a trimmer, you should choose an extra pole saw instead of this attachment.

  • Oil leaks from the pole saw

Solution: The pole saw comes through an Oiler. So it should not leak well. But when you are facing this problem, you should check the correct place from where the oil is leaking. To check, do eliminate the chain and bar cover. Look for the oil leaking position and point it out. If it’s leaking from the oil reservoir and the amount is not much then it must be the trouble of placement of the saw. You should put the saw in a horizontal position. Doing it will avoid the oil leaking from the oil reservoir.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I adjust the flow of the chain oil?
  • Apply an allen wrench of 3/32 to adjust the flow of chain oil.
  • Is it ordinary for the trimmer to leak oil?
  • The oiler leaks oil on enormity. Sit down the trimmer down upright horizontally and it will not leak.
  • What is the proper replacement chain of this saw?
  • R34/90PX034G is good replacement chain for this saw. You can get it on Amazon.
  • How to power up the saw?
  • Just join this attachment to a capable trimmer and it should run. By the way, the attachment will just work with MTD branded gas trimmers.
  • Does it come through a detachable shaft?
  • The attachment just detaches from the trimmer motor.


There are a lot of varieties of saws on the market place. The TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw from Troy-Bilt is another model of variations in the market. It is an attachment. Many of the users may think the attachment feature as a weakness. But if you think firmly, it’s a decent pole saw as it will give versatile qualities when attaching to a trimmer. With a presented pole trimmer, you can trim all the overgrown branches on the ground level. To cut the upper-level branches, you have to attach this pole saw. It will provide you clean cuts with the superb chain and bar and thus satisfy you. The pole saw be able to cut logs that are 16 inches in the diameter. Overall, it’s a pretty pole saw with a rating of 4.3 on Amazon. You can look for some other saws and evaluate with it. After that, hopefully, you can settle on the best choice for you.

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