Sun Joe SWJ-OIL Chain Saw Bar Chain and Sprocket Oil Reviews

After chain and bar, oil can be an important element of a chainsaw/pole saw. If there were no oil, chains would not find oil to be lubricated. So, the importance of a good quality oil can’t be described in some words. The major problem regarding oil is, there are a lot of varieties on the market of oil. There are so many chains and bar oil that you will be puzzled about what to buy. Here we have oil from the reputed producer Snow Joe. The oil is named like Sun Joe SWJ-OIL Chain Saw Bar Chain and Sprocket Oil. It is a bar and chain oil.​

You can apply it on bar and chain on a regular basis. The oil is not only bar and chain oil but also sprocket oil. It means you can apply it on the sprocket too. It has made the oil a multi-function oil. The Sun Joe brand makes the oil. So it’s pretty normal to have some excellent features. This oil can be used for all the pole saws and chainsaws of Sun Joe. Let’s explain the characteristics.

Sun Joe SWJ-OIL Chain Saw Bar Chain and Sprocket Oil

Reduces Friction

The oil reduces frictions among the parts of a pole saw/chainsaw. It was made with particular elements that help to decrease the numerous frictions with chain, bar and sprocket. If you are suffering from the problem of shifting the bar or chain again and again, stop the buying process. Don’t buy an extra chain or sprocket. Just purchase one of these oils and use it to the chain and bar. You will get the resolution to your problem.

Makes Durable

Durability is a quality which everyone wants with their product. Now there is an chance of buying durability for you saw. Astonished much? The oil will build your bar, chain and sprocket last for a long time. As a result, you will start to enjoy the feature along with the sawing jobs of day by day. This oil will build your saw durable one so that you can get service from it years after years.

Prevents Rust and Temperature

It has another nice feature which is the rust resistance capacity of this oil. It will prevent the bar and chain from the hurting rust that lessens the lifespan of your pole saw or chainsaw. On the other hand, the oil also helps to continue a normal temperature inside the bar and chain. By keeping the appropriate temperature, the saw will deliver brilliant performance.


This oil is a decent quality oil from the Snow Joe company. They have prepared it for many saws. This is a ordinary bar and chain oil. The oil can be used in all type of pole saws and chainsaws that are from the Snow Joe brand. If you buy any Sun Joe pole saw or chainsaw, make sure to buy this oil. Because it is a good oil within the affordable price.


  • Can be applied to any model of Sun Joe pole saws and chainsaws as well
    Ideal oil apply for the lubrication of chain, bar and sprocket
  • Helps to extend the lifespan of bar, chain and sprocket which effect to the impressive durability of them
  • Reduces friction of bar and chain thus provides excellent performance by those tools
  • Helps to stop rust, controls the temperature of the saw
  • Controls the flow rate at a common parameter


  • Doesn't cut well even after applying oil

Solution: The chain and bar oil gets applied to the bar and chain so that the chain can work superior and deliver stunning cutting performance. But according to some users, the bar and chain oil is of no utilize. They are using the oil regularly to their saws. Still, the chain and bar are not delivering straight performance. This problem can arise for other reasons too. You should also test your chain. It can be dull. Because of the dullness, it’s failing to give apposite cuts to the branches. Moreover, the bar can be damaged also. You must test them before the oil. The oil will only provide satisfaction to you when the chain and bar are okay. It will make sure the chain and bar remain okay. After solving the cutting bar and chain topic, this will do the further job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it vegetable oil?
  • No, it’s not vegetable oil. It is a kind of petroleum oil.
  • Can I use the oil for gas-powered saws?
  • Completely yes. It will work well on the gas powered saws.
  • Is it usable for the inner engines?
  • No, you cannot use it on inner engines. Those engines require some other kind of oil. So it’s not working on those engines.
  • Is the oil superior for the sprockets?
  • Yes, it is decent oil for the sprocket. It will extend the service life of the sprocket.


Chain and bar always need to be oiled. Oil is the main element that allows the chain and bar to run accurately during work. All of the oils found on the market are not accurate for your chainsaw or pole saw. So you have to be wise sufficient to choose an appropriate oil. If you have a pole saw or chainsaw from the Sun Joe and you are puzzled which oil to buy, you can take the Sun Joe SWJ-OIL Chain Saw Bar Chain and Sprocket Oil. The oil is specially made for the Sun Joe saws. It will be best to apply this oil on Sun Joe product. It doesn't mean that you can’t apply it on other products. It can be used on other saws also because it’s a standard bar and chain oil.

The oil is decent quality oil. Applying the oil to the bar and chain will extend the durability of the bar and chain. As you can use it on sprocket also, it will make the sprocket last for a long time. The value of the oil is reasonable. You can go for it without any hazard if you got a Sun Joe saw.

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