Sun Joe SWJ803E Telescopic Electric Pole Chain Saw Reviews

Snow Joe has always been looking forward to making some different product with different technologies for their customers. They have brought another amazing pole saw/chainsaw called Sun Joe SWJ803E Telescopic Electric Pole Chain Saw. The reason why it’s special from other is the multi-angle mechanism. You are going to benefit from the feature of multi-angle with the saw. It means you can cut the logs or branches comfortably in any way without facing difficulties. The saw comes with a pole to which can be extended according to your require. It’s a telescoping pole. The pole is stout sufficient for proper reach and control. It can arrive at more than 14 feet high to trim the ugly branches. Moreover, the chainsaw/pole saw contains 10-inch bar and chain. It will provide wonderful cuts to the unessential branches.

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Pole For The Heights

Telescoping pole is very significant for a pole saw. A user can enjoy more advantages with the telescoping pole. The saw comes among the telescoping pole. It has sufficient height to cut the overhead branches. The pole able to be extended up to 15 feet high. If you are looking for a pole saw to cut high branches, this will be a intelligent choice for you.

Cuts The Logs

There are many unnecessary logs in your garden. They are taking the free space and making the garden look like a jungle with also many wastes. This saw from the Snow Joe can do the trap of removing them. The saw is able of cutting thin logs as well as the overhanging branches.

Multi-Angles on Head

The multi-angle feature is elementary when you are cutting the branches of a specific area. Your saw desires to have the feature of multi-head. It will permit you to adjust the head according to your choice. As a result, you will cut them simply. The saw has the multi-angle head quality. It can be used to from 0 to 30 degrees.

8 Ampere Strong Built Motor

The 8-ampere motor is quite known to people for its marvelous execution. It can supply some majestic staffs on the cutting performance of a saw. This electric pole chainsaw is motorized by the mighty motor of 8 amp. The motor is durable as well as qualified for everyday use. It can cut branches up to 9.5 thick which is very odd on the other saws. The saw is a exact choice for the heavy use too.


  • Features a strong and secure pole with the length of 7.2 feet
  • Has the multi-angle head that can be familiar from 0 degrees to 30 degree
  • Provides huge cuts to the hard branches as the saw has got 10-inch cutting bar
  • Cuts the overhanging logs or limbs very well particularly
  • Motorized by the 8-ampere motor that can trim branches which are 9.5 inches thick


  • Plastic cover of chain and bar keeps falling off at work

Solution: This model of saw comes with a bar cover down with the chainsaw. Snow Joe has done a excellent job in this field. But still, it’s not great. The material of the cover is plastic and weakly designed. Chain covers are for the protection of the client. As the cover keeps falling off, don’t set it back. Put down the cover as it is. You need to shelter yourself. So when you are working with the saw follow the safety events by reading the user manual. If you are working carefully, there is no obligation of chain and bar cover.

  • Chain slips off from the saw

Solution: The chain of the saw slips off according to several users. This problem occurred for the mechanical topic. The saw is not mechanically fitting for the chain. In this position, you can only tighten the chain and continue your work. If you tighten the chain correctly with necessary tools, it should stay in its position. Therefore, the chain tightening is the most vital job to do here. It will solve the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight of this pole chain saw?
  • The weight of this saw is on 11 pounds. Not much when you are responsibility the sawing jobs.
  • Is the multi-angle head is a helpful feature of this saw?
  • Of course, it’s a useful feature for the users. The angle feature help to avoid the saw from getting stuck or pinched.
  • How to dirt free the bar and chain? Is it difficult?
  • It’s not a tough task at all. You can clean the bar and chain with a solid brush. Though it will take time, don't forget to fresh it softly.
  • How long is the pole chainsaw when it is totally extended?
  • The saw is about 15 feet when it’s extended totally.
  • Can I use the chainsaw individually from the pole saw?
  • No, you cannot use it individually. The chainsaw is not available to separate from the pole saw.


It is a wonderful pole chainsaw at a decent price. The saw comes by the 10-inch cutting bar. Often you electric pole saws arrive with the 8-inch bar. Here the case is special. Sun Joe SWJ803E Telescopic Electric Pole Chain Saw has got a bar and chain of 10 inches. In addition, it is an Oregon bar. So it will never cooperation the unwanted branches. It will be a nightmare for those revolting limbs and branches. The Oregon bar and chain is also very strong. It will provide you for years. The pole saw one more excellent feature that is the quick start of the saw. You just have to push a button and it will create to work. Waiting is not essential for this saw. It will provide service directly.

As a whole, it gives you required high reach with extraordinary performance. Amazon users were also pleased with the saw. You can go for it without any hesitation.

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