Silky New Professional Series 179-39 Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw

Researchers say that the unnecessary tree branches cover most of the area in your garden if those are not well cleaned. In order to clear those branches, you have to to make a plan and include a pole saw in your program which has good qualities. Silky New Professional Series 179-39 Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw is a new and professional landscaping pole saw that would help you to get achievement in your plan. The saw has an aluminum body and an oval-shaped pole to supply maximum support during the cleaning jobs in your garden. It is also lightweight that help you to take manage over the saw. The most incredible quality of this pole saw is the high reach. It can present maximum 26 feet work range. This telescopic landscaping pole saw is manufactured with one of the top brands called Hayauchi.


Steady Pole

The saw has a stable and sturdy pole. The cause why it is called a strong pole is the building material. The saw is completed of the aluminum. Aluminum is a premium grade material which makes the saw radiance and durable as well. The pole is also inspiring considering the height it can reach. It provides up to 21 feet overhead achieve.


The saw is a beast but at rest, the weight of the saw is only 6.9 lbs. Weight matters a lot because it’s a human who is going to move up the pole saw and work with it. If the weight is not much, it becomes easy for the user to manage and lift the saw. Here the saw has several majestic qualities but the weight is excellent light. It will be supportive for the user.

High-Quality Blade

The blade that has been used in the saw is a high-quality blade. It is incredibly sharp to cut branches properly. There are a bunch of limbs and branches in your garden which can’t be cut without a decent blade. Silky has brought this 15.4 inches curved blade saw for cutting those limbs according to the user expectation. The cutting process is now superb comfortable with it.

User Ease

The user comfort is an important matter to consider. It’s the user who is going to control the pole saw. So if the user is satisfied with the landscaping pole saw, it will be a achievement for the manufacturer. The saw has a pole-end shock absorber to hold to saw accurately. Additionally, the saw features at ease rubberized grip for better control of the saw.

Blade Cover

The saw comes with a blade cover that protects the user from risk when cutting with the blade. The blade cover is a superior one. It’s a black rigid-plastic blade cover which is completed from the premium materials. It will give sufficient protection to the user while working and while storing the saw as well.


  • Contains a sharp blade that cuts during the limbs and branches in a short time
  • Can be used for multi-function tasks including trimming, pruning, cutting, arborist and forestry
  • Never gets stuck in between work because it comes with a sharp and steady blade
  • Offers four sections of poles and three extensions which allow you to reach up to 21 feet
  • Comes with a blade cover for safety from the blade through work


  • Doesn’t contain the necessary accessories

Solution: The landscaping pole saw doesn’t come with some accessories which are desirable. This is a ordinary complaint from the users. But it’s a not hard problem to deal with. You can buy the accessories from Amazon or the official website of the Silky saw. Do not buy the accessory products since any unverified hardware store. Try to buy it since any of the verified stores. Though it costs a few extra amounts from your pocket, it is worth it.

  • The saw blade gets sometimes bent while working

Solution: The saw blade that has been use in the saw is a curved and steady blade. But there’s option of getting bent as the blade is curved. If this happens, put the blade upside down and clamp saw’s back tip. Do the crescents wrench adjustment. Then vertically wind the back by sighting down the blade. Vertically grip the crescent wrench. The back should be clamp in its jaws. The end of wrench’s handle should be motivated so that the saw back can twist. That’s it. By doing this, you can improve you saw blade if it gets bent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the landscaping saw come with the saw blade?
  • Yes. It comes with a high-class under edge saw blade with a blade cover
  • How much poles does the saw include?
  • The saw comes among only one pole. One pole is sufficient it is sturdy and long.
  • Where this saw was completed?
  • This silky saw is completed in Ono Japan. The place is well-known as the home of the most exquisite cutlery steel.
  • Does this saw require cutting wax?
  • No, it doesn’t. In fact, after several years of apply, you don’t need it.
  • How does the saw stay protected when the pole is extended?
  • There are three lock pins and clamps. If the lock pins are locked, your saw is secured enough.


Silky New Professional Series 179-39 Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw is an incredible saw at a reasonable price. The saw has some amazing features that will catch the eye of any buyer. Silky was always the first selection in the field of producing pole saws. This saw is perhaps an extra example their high-grade products. The pole saw has overall three poles which can supply 21 feet overhead reach. In your garden, the trimming, pruning and cutting all would be done by this excellent pole saw. The saw contains two locking system for the user safety and appropriate maintenance. Often we face problem to organize the saw because of the weight. But this saw is only 6.9 lbs which will allow you to organize it comfortably. It comes with lifetime warranty yet another great progress from the manufacturer. You will not regret behind buying one of these saws.

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