Silky Hook Accessory For The Hayauchi Pole Saws

The hook is an accessory of the saws that can make longer the strength of a pole saw. You might have a decent pole saw but it can’t deliver its highest cutting power or strength during work. You must want a hook. The hook is for those users who are suffering from need of poor strength. ​SilkyHook Accessory For The Hayauchi Pole Saws is a newly completed hook from the manufacturer called Hayauchi. It is a premium excellence hook on the market. The hook is completed for exclusive use according to the manufacturer. It will help you to rearrange your previously cleaned garden. That means if you have done a cleaning process by your saw and still not satisfied enough, it will satisfy you by providing extra clean and natural garden as well as environment. The hook is the best result for those branches which got stuck while cutting through them. Using blade on them is dangerous. In that case, the hook can do the job pretty well.

Silky Hook Fox Accessory

Extra Strength

The hook adds lot strength to the pole saw and helps you to cut down the hardest limbs with it. In a garden, you can see branches of singular size. From smaller branches to the most massive branches are available in a garden which serves totally no need. You need to cut them down so that you can free up a few space in your garden and give it a look. The hook will assist you with the extra strength to cut down the unnecessary branches.

Suitable For Horizontal Limbs

Horizontally position limbs can be set up in your garden or yard. If those are of no applying, you have to cut them. This hook accessory is the wonderful cutting tool for the horizontal limbs. It can cut any kind of limbs but it’s mainly for the horizontal limbs. It can cut them easily and decorate your garden through a fresh look.

Excellent Build Quality

The hook is completed of the superior materials that will allow it to last for years after years. It will not break easily when you are working through it. Definitely, it’s a dependable adds to your yard tools. It has great strength and cutting ability as the saw comes among excellent build quality. If you want something to last, this is a suitable selection.

Stubborn Limbs

The most challenging part of your trimming task must be dealing by the stubborn limbs. They are hard to cut down. To cut them you necessitate having a pole saw which can deliver enough power. If your saw fails to do so, find one of these hook accessories. It will cut them for definite. By flipping the saw from the blade side to the hook side, you can drag down the stubborn limbs.


  • Provides enough strength to the saw to pull down the stubborn limbs of the garden
  • Does not weight much which helps to manage the saw more comfortably
  • Made of the pure steel which allows the saw to last longer even after regular apply


  • Doesn’t come with the necessary hardware to mount the hook

Solution: The Silky brand has completed the big mistake by not including the mounting hardware of the hook along with the accessory. Most of the users of this hook has complained that they are not capable to mount the hook lack of the mounting hardware. A reputed company like the Silky should not have completed this kind of mistake. It was a silly choice from them. Even some users have returned the product. If you are one of the victims of this case, you can still apply the hook. Hardware is a must require. You have to go to the near home improvement store and ask them for a mounting hardware of hook for the saws. If they got one, purchase it immediately. You can look for the mounting tool on the online. Hopefully, you will get it and apply the hook for your saw.

  • Not well built

Solution: An user has said that the hook is not well completed. It has a possibility to break anytime during work. The hook actually is an excellent quality product. It’s from the Silky manufacturer. So there should not be doubt on the tool. If you are afraid to apply it, do some following things. Be careful while you are using it. Don’t put too much weight on it. The hook has enough strength to pull down branches so you do not necessitate putting much power. Using it carefully will create the hook last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the hook come by a blade?
  • According to the description, it does. But not really. The hook has no blade among it when the product arrives.
  • What can the use of the hook? Is it beneficial?
  • Yes, obviously it’s a valuable product. The product will supply extra strength to your saw which allows your saw to produce more power and cut through thickest branches.


Hayauchi is producing hook for some years. The quality hook of the hook is forever decent. As a result, the users are more attracted in Silky hook than other brands. Silky Hook Accessory For The Hayauchi Pole Saws is also a well-completed product from them. They have not altered while producing the hook. It’s a well-built and steady hook. There are many kinds of limbs in your garden which cannot be cut by the ordinary pole saw. These limbs are hard to cut by the pole saw in a customary mode. But if you add this hook to your existing Hayauchi pole saw, you will get something superior. The hook can cut stubborn limbs of your garden as of which you are suffering. It can produce more than sufficient strength by getting attached to your pole saw.

On the other hand, attaching or adding it to the pole saw is super simple. You will get the process after buying the product. Overall it’s an excellence hook. It can be a bit weighty after adding it to a trimmer but it still worth the money as for its wonderful performance.

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