Ryobi RY43160 Electric Pole Saw Bar

The chain might be the essential part of both chainsaws and pole saws. But behind the action of the chain, there is the bar. If you got no bar then the chain is nothing but a worthless part. So before choosing a good chain, you should focus on the bar. As it’s very important for your saw, consider the qualities of the particular bar while buying. Ryobi RY43160 Electric Pole Saw is currently a great selection for your saw bar. It is the correct replacement for the saw named Ryobi RY43160 Electric Pole Saw. The bar is not only for that specific pole saw. It will also efforts on the other models of the saw. The bar is a dependable and long lasting bar. It is going to supply excellent service to you days after days. The bar will arrive in a bulk package. This pack allows you to carry the bar accurately no matter where you are going. Let’s dig into the features of this bar.

Ryobi Electric Pole Saw Bar

Exact Replacement

This bar is the equal replacement for Ryobi RY43160 Electric Pole Saw bar. Exact replacements are tough to find. When you fail to find the exact replacement, you might purchase a replica of the bar or an incorrect bar. The incorrect bars result in fatal accidents. This is why Ryobi has completed this 8-inch bar for their famous product called Ryobi RY43160 Electric Pole Saw. You can get it without a single hesitation if you need a replacement for your Ryobi saw.

Bulk Packed

The bar comes through a newly made pack which is bulk. It will facilitate you to carry the bar when you are buying it from the market. Also, the carrying topic has been solved as the chain comes bulk packed. In fact, if you are gifting it to another person, the pack will facilitate you. The previous version didn’t come among properly packed. But this one does to making your experience among the bar more pleasant.

Cuts Well

The bar for the chain is a great selection because it will boost your chain to work even better than the past. It’s a bar of 8 inches which means it will fit completely to the chain. There are many bars which don't have good quality length. As a result, the worker suffers badly. But through this bar, the sufferings will be removed. You can get it for extra comfort in your cutting and sawing jobs.

Genuine Ryobi Product

It’s a unique product. There is no need of worrying whether it is duplication or an authentic bar. Every of the users on Amazon have agreed that it is the original product. Even the seller claimed it is the actual Ryobi bar. Moreover, the 8 inches bar has got a remarkable rating on Amazon. It has got 4.9 rating out of 10. So you can go for this product definitely.


  • Comes through bull packed which help the user to carry it properly
  • Original product verified by the Ryobi so there’s no possibility of replica product
  • Usable by different models of Ryobi pole saws and chainsaws
  • Recommended greatly for Ryobi RY43160 Electric Pole Saw
  • Fits completely through the compatible saws which make the bar a real champion


  • A little bit weighty

Solution: Some users have claimed the bar to be weighty. It has much weight and after adding it to the pole saw, it becomes weighty. The weight of the bar is not that much really. But if the saw seems heavy after the addition of a bar, try to monitor which part is the heaviest. The bar might not be the reason to increase the weight. There are lots of parts of a pole saw. Check if the other parts are placed in their proper places. If the placement of any part is wrong, that is the cause why it seems weighty. On the other side, if you suppose the bar making the saw weighty then check the placement of bar again. You have to install the bar in the exact place. If it’s in the right place, the saw’s weight will reduce.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight of this bar?
  • The approximate weight of the bar is 8.8 ounces. It is not too heavy while it gets attached to a pole saw or chainsaw.
  • Does the bar match among the original bar of Ryobi electric pole saw?
  • Yes, it matches among the original product. In fact, it is the accurate match of the bar that was used in the Ryobi saw.
  • What is the replacement bar number for this product?
  • The replacement bar number is # 32909152-2G. You can simply get the bar from Ryobi’s official website with the number.
  • Does the bar come among a warranty?
  • No, there is no warranty for this product. Still Ryobi doesn’t allow warranty on the products like a bar.
  • What is the dimension of this bar?
  • The dimension of the bar is 10 x 3.5 x 0.2 inches.


When you go to the home improvement stores, you might get confused whether to select the bar by the suggestion of salesman or buy according to your choice. If you have a Ryobi electric pole saw, you do not have to puzzle anymore. Just buy this Ryobi RY43160 Electric Pole Saw which is a wonderful bar for a chain. It will provide the performance you want. The cutting bar will permit your chain to power up the saw. If the saw gets sufficient support from the chain, it will obviously perform like a pro. To make the chain capable of giving support to the saw, you need an excellent bar. This bar is a good selection.

The bar has got outstanding customer satisfaction. If you visit the Amazon page of this product, you will see how much pleased the users were. It comes among a fair price too. So buying this bar will be a sensible decision for you.

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