Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw Reviews

Multipurpose tools are beneficial for customers as these products can do various works in the house. Besides, these products are also cost-effective and serve your wants. You don’t have to buy several tools for singular tasks inside and outside of your house. It’s hard to find a model of a saw which is capable of multi-purpose jobs. Remington has made a pole saw which will provide different needs of the users. The pole saw is named Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw and it runs on the gas. The saw has some features including auto oiler which keeps the chain lubricated. It also has a user friendly design that allows cutting limbs and tree branches with ease. Let’s dig into the detail.

gas powered tree trimmer

Makes Cutting Easier

In the garden, the most difficult job is to cut those branches which are hanging over the trees. They are rough to reach. You can’t easily cut them with a ordinary saw. Some special features like kickback are needed to do these kinds of jobs. The Remington pole saw has kickback feature among eight-inch bar. It has a strong chain too. The feature is handy for the users who are facing troubles with their overhanging areas.

Quick Startup

The gas pole saw contains the Quick Start technology which has greatest features of the saw. In sawing jobs, a general problem in many cases is that the saw isn’t starting or it’s getting late to start. Sometimes many efforts are needed to start the saw. There might be some problems in the necessary mechanics of the saw or the way it was built. In this gas pole saw, you do not have to face troubles through start. The Quick Start technology will start the saw in a moment.

Attachment Compatibility

This saw from Remington can do some kinds of works as the saw is compatible with many attachments. It’s a suitable option for the users who are eager to do different actions with one saw. The saw accepts a broad range of attachments and turns into different tools like an edger, blower, hedge trimmers and so on. Buying these attachments will allocate you to do other works of your garden with the same saw. This feature also saves money as you do not have to purchase those tools separately.

Satisfying Performance

The pole saw is prepared from sustainable steel which makes the pole strong and long-lasting. It offers sufficient strength and durability for your sawing jobs. In fact, after regular use of the saw, it will stay physically strong. As a result, the saw delivers day to day performance very well and as a result makes the users satisfied.

Easy Assembly

Assembling is a normal trouble when you have bought a pole saw/chainsaw and do not know much about a saw. You might not smooth start your works because you have not assembled the saw. This pole saw from Remington is positively did not approach with the problem. It has a user-friendly manual which is very cooperative with all pieces of information. There is a page where you will find how to assemble the pole saw. So no worries on the assembling task.


  • Has the Quick Start technology which starts the pole earlier and easily
  • Turns the Maverick into several tools like hedge trimmer, blower, edger to do multi-purposed works
  • Comes with a bar which is 8 inch and 7 feet extension pole contains the chain that helps to get up to 12 feet
  • Features a pole saw that is 7 feet from which the 26-inch section is detachable
  • Comes with two years warranty that ensures the after sale repair of the product


  • Do not run after couple of idle weeks

Solution: Some of the users who have bought it claimed that after a few weeks of no-use, the saw doesn't get started. Test the saw if it’s free from the wastes. If it’s all right, check the 2-cycle engine. If it’s not working accurately, take it to the manufacturer. If the time is over on warranty, visit the manufacturer as soon as possible.

  • Hard blade adjustments

Solution: The blade adjustment is not an simple task to do as some of the users have found it hard. It really depends on how much you know about the saw or if you have ever used a saw. When you are well known about a saw, you don’t have to face troubles during blade adjustments because it’s not difficult. If you are still facing difficulties, call an expert on saw who will do the job competently. You can get help from the User Manual too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which chain is appropriate for this model of saw?
  • There are many chains in the market which will fit the saw with good placement. Oregon R34 is one of them.
  • If I want to replace any parts of the saw, where can I have it from?
  • The Remington product’s parts are existing in the home improvements stores of your area. You can verify the Sears.
  • On a particular tank of fuel, how much time will it run?
  • The answer is not exact. But it will run about 1 hour on a particular tank of fuel.
  • How much does the saw weight?
  • The weight is around 15 pounds. It’s not that weighty even when extended.
  • Does the saw include a shoulder strap?
  • No, it doesn't. You can buy one but it’s not integrated with the saw.


Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw has already gained its status against its most of the competitors. The saw has a resourceful combination of design, features and reliability. The saw is an brilliant choice for the gardens where trees are mostly small and medium-sized. The saw delivers sufficient power and the 8-inch bar makes the thick branches work easy. The automatic oiler and quick startup are another two inspiring features of the saw. It is popular for the reasonable price in the market. So it will worth your money. The gas pole saw got a bunch of positive reaction from the people who bought it. Though it’s a saw for the usual works of your home, some of the people also bought it for commercial apply. Do some more explore if you need. If the features pleased you and have the budget, go for it.

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