Remington RM1025SPS Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Reviews

The gardeners are getting numerous projects in these days. The given projects are also needed to be finished in a limited time. So it’s very important to make a plan of the project and use the proper tools which save time and the quality of the work too. The manual tools are hard to work with and it consumes a lot time. Sometimes even the quality of the work in a project is injured. This is why electrical tools are superior than manual ones. In recent time, manual saws are replaced through the electric models. The manual ones are still available in the market or shops but apply of them is decreasing as the days are passing. As well, people are buying electronic ones more. Remington RM1025SPS Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo is a new electronic saw which has one of the greatest chainsaw and pole saw combo.

It has many features like as low kickback, easily detachable and so on. As an electric pole saw, the combo saw has become a primary choice for the gardeners and handymen.

electric pruning saw

Combo But Lightweight

The saw is combo of chainsaw and pole saw. Many of the possible buyers can hesitation about the weight if it’s too much. Really, it isn’t. The combo weighs 11 pounds! Impressed correct? This means you do not have to be a lifter to apply or handle the saw. It will make your sawing job pleasant. The lightweight allows you to take manage over the saw. You can cut branches of higher areas simply by having enough control of the saw.

Reaches Height

The saw is very useful in case of trees which are far away from the ground. The combo contains well-built aluminum pole which extends up to 10 feet. So, it will give you the opportunity to trim tree branches which are at a high level. It has nice control also that gives you a peaceful sawing experience.

Non-Slip Grip

The Remington electric chainsaw is much comfortable and it gives you the confidence to organize the saw during your sawing work by the nonslip grip. There are many areas where sawing is not easy. You might get confused or afraid to apply saw in those areas. Actually, people call gardeners to do the job though it’s not that difficult. With the nonslip grip feature, you will have the confidence to finish the job. During the work, you will recognize because of the nonslip grip; you are able to do the work comfortably.

Low Kickback

Having the low kickback feature is one of the greatest benefits of this chainsaw pole saw. The low kickback contains 10-inch bar as well as the chain task. The chain task and bar make your pruning and lopping tasks more comfortable. If you have a concern about the lopping jobs, you should apply it as it helps you to do these jobs more efficiently. The saw has flip clamps and locks which protected the pole more safely. During the cutting process, they are properly disconnected so they will not create any problem.

Quick Transform And Use

The saw is called a best for its double apply feature. You can apply it like a chainsaw and a pole saw too. In a garden, there are too many branches on the ground. With a chainsaw, downed branches are simple to cut off. To transform it to a chainsaw, eliminate the saw from the pole so that it will serve your needs as a chainsaw. On the other hand, high branches are not a problem else. The pole saw has hexagonal-shaped aluminum poles which can be extended to saw the higher areas. It contains locking system on the end of fiberglass section that makes the work simple for extra heights.


  • Comes with upper and lower extensions used for telescoping
  • Easy maintenance and offers chain replacement also so that you can change the pole to chainsaw without any tools
  • Contains the flip and lock clumps which protected the pole and its length
  • Has an 8 amp electric motor that is able of sawing many branches at a time
  • Features a telescoping pole which can be used to according to need and helps you through the cutting job


  • Electric connection is needed

Solution: One of the common problems of an electric saw is you need to connect the cord to an electric source. In a garden, the electronic sources are not presented often. In that case, you should make an electrical outlet in the garden. As a result, you don’t have to face trouble regarding the electric connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply it without the pole? Is there any hazard?
  • Yes, you can apply it without the pole. The chainsaw can be removed from the pole to apply it individually. There’s no hazard.
  • What is the weight of this chainsaw?
  • The weight is about 11 lbs. It’s not to heavy. The front end of pole has more weight than the rear part.
  • When should I sharpen the chain?
  • It depends. You have to sharpen the chain when the material you are cutting. Besides, you can replace the chain with a new one as well which is a better choice.
  • What oil should be used for this chainsaw?
  • You can apply the chainsaw bar oil. Get it from an auto part’s or tractor deliver store.
  • How to fresh the saw?
  • The chain can be freshed like a regular blade of a chainsaw. Stay the saw free from the debris. For safety, use a sheath on the time of storage. Fill with proper lube for the chain in the reservoir.


Remington RM1025SPS Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo is a luxury product from Remington company. There’s a 96-page manual included along with the product where each detail related to the saw are given. It’s proving that how much Remington care about their clients. The company is popular for their product’s durability and superiority. The chainsaw also comes with two years limited warranty from the manufacturers. Overall it’s a good product for its quality, features and the aftersale service. The pole saw will obviously be a worth buy for you.

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