Oregon S40 10-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain, Fits Craftsman, Poulan, Remington

Oregon has completed some tremendous chains for the saws in the past. Oregon S40 10-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain, Fits Craftsman, Poulan, Remington is an example of their unbelievable work. They completed this chain superior in every way possible. It is a semi-chisel chain. The chain comes through several impressive features. One of them is the sharp cutting capacity of it. The chain is enough sharpened to supply clear cuts to the garden. If your garden is full of unnecessary branches which need to cut but your saw is not sufficient then get this chain to your saw. The saw will obtain a boost by the chain. It will start cutting similar to a professional saw after attaching this chain. The chain contains a exclusive design that is only available in Oregon chains. It helps to apply the saw more efficiently. It has various features. Let’s see them all.

Oregon S40 AdvanceCut 10-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Semi Chisel 10 Inches Chain

The cutting process will be excellent convenient and efficient with this chain. The 10 inches bar is a beast when you compare this chain among other typical chains. It will be excellent comfortable to work with this chain. The chain is from the well-known manufacturer called Oregon. So get ready to experience the best features of a chain can always have.

Reduces Kickback

The chain is completed in a way which will reduce kickback during work. Kickback is extremely dangerous which can lead to deadly injuries. Many people are afraid to apply pole saws/chainsaws because of the kickback. Even many people have suffered the kickback topic. But you will forget the kickback problem with this chain. It reduces the kickback obviously. You will start to understand how much it decreases kickback after using the chain.

Fast and Smooth Cutting

You already have identified that the chain is a beast. It can cut hard to hardest branches without a single trouble. The chain powers up the saw to cut the branches like a very good fast machine. If you have got a bunch of unwanted tree branches and limbs in your garden, this chain will be the best option for your saw. It will cut them similar to a pro. In the meantime, the chain will also save your important time.

Safety with Modern Technology

Safety is a must-have feature for each product. If the product is safe, you can work through it comfortably without any type of concerns. The chain from the Oregon is excellent safe. It comes among different modern technologies that allow the user to be safe while operating the pole saw or chainsaw. It was engineered through safety measures so that the user can stay safe from the dangers.


  • Cuts more clearly than the traditional saws through the unique cutter design
  • Engineered in a way which has completed the saw safe so that a user can put himself away from the danger that comes with a saw chain
  • Provides user-friendly cutting knowledge and doesn’t get dull as the chain is semi-chisel
  • Prevents the kickback though cutting the higher branches which is another safety measure from this Oregon semi chisel chain
  • Comes among twin corners of cutter to deliver superior performance as well as the durability


  • Fits poorly with some of the saws

Solution: According to many of the users, the chain fits but not accurately. It fits poorly by the saw. As a result, they are facing different type of issues while working among the saw. The trouble is happening because of the length. You saw chain length and length of this chain is not similar. Though it fits somehow, you will not get accurate cuts with it. Because a chain should fit completely among the saw. If it is not proper, it means the chain is not for your model of saw. You should get another replacement chain which will be just right for your saw.

  • It continually comes off the bar

Solution: One more subject of the chain is, it comes off the bar consistently. This is a very problematic subject when you are doing the cutting jobs. It happens cause of the poor placement of chain. You should place the chain once more. The chain placement forces the chain to arrive off the bar. Therefore, it comes off again and again. You need to accurate placement for your chain. If you are unable to find a accurate arrangement, you can take help from the experts by calling them. Moreover, you can purchase another replacement chain too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply the chain for Ryobi chainsaw with a Homelite 10 inch 25 cm attachment?
  • The chain will not work on your chainsaw through the attachment. For further information check the pitch of the chain and drive link numbers to find the information if the chain will fit it or not.
  • What are the length, pitch, and gauge of this semi chisel chain?
  • The length of the chain is the well-known 10 inches. Besides the pitch is 3/8 inches and the gauge of the chain is .025 inches. The document of the chain says it.


There are many brands of saws on the marketplace. The mainly reputed one are Craftsman, Poulan, and Remington. They are the saws which users belief the most. For them, an excellence chain was needed as a replacement and backup as well. This is why Oregon has completed a premium quality chain called Oregon S40 10-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain, Fits Craftsman, Poulan, Remington. It comes among many features like the low-vibration one. If you apply the chain in your saw, the vibration of your saw during work will noticeably reduce. Therefore, who are facing the vibration matter should get this chain. It will be a wise selection for them and also a solution to their problems. The chain is also a superior one for sharp cutting.

It can deliver superb performance while cutting the limbs or garden. On the whole, the chain will provide your needs quite well. The Amazon reviews were also satisfying of this pleasant chain.

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