Stihl 12” Oregon Chain Saw

It’s normal that the best saws come through the lengthy chains. The long chains are pretty good quality when cutting the largest branches of the garden. So it's well to be lengthy. But the difficulty arrives when you need a replacement for that chain. The lengthy replacement chains are difficult to find. Here we have set up one that is the Stihl 12” Oregon Chain Saw. It is yet one more praiseworthy chain from the well-known brand of chains called Oregon. The chain comes among different kind of features that are very rare on the market of chains. If you want a chain that can do both pruning and cutting, it is the right selection for you. It will help you to prune and cut more quick and cleanly. The chain trims the unneeded limbs fully. It has the ability to present your garden a new and decorated look.

Oregon Chainsaw chain

Perfect Pruning of Branches

The Oregon chain is the best selection when you want to prune your trees and you need a decent chain for this sawing task. This chain has got extraordinary talent in case of cutting and pruning tasks. If you pole saw/chainsaw fails to do some specific hard pruning works, there might be issues by the chain of your saw. You do not necessitate changing the saw and getting a new one. The only transform is required in the chain. Get this Oregon chain and you will find success to clean your garden.

Rare and Precious

The chain is exceptional on the market. You will not get these feature of the chain on another usual chain. It is a precious Oregon chain that can be used in mainly of the saws that are ruling the market. For a good quality saw, it’s hard to find a excellent replacement for the chain. This chain will obviously be a excellent addition to your existing saw which is suffering lack of appropriate chain.

Vast Compatibility

The Stihl chain is compatible among most of the well-known saws on the market available recently. It can be used in some saws including Ht 70, Ht 73, Ht 75, Ht 100 etc. If you are using one of these models, do not be late to purchase one because it’s a better chain than what you are using. The chain is moreover compatible saw that uses a 3/8" pitch and .043 gauge chain including 44 links of the drive.

Admirable Sharpness

Sharpness issues a lot for a chain. The chain among poor sharpness is never a good chain no matter what features it has got. This chain is not a chain among poor sharpness and dullness. It is a sharp-edged chain which will cut down the unwanted branches of your garden among no issues. To get sharp cuts, find this Oregon model of the chain.


  • Has the compatibility among several saws including Ht 70, Ht 73, Ht 75, Ht 100 and many other models of saw
  • Can be used among the saw which uses a 3/8" Pitch .043 Gauge Chain with 44 Drive Links
  • Provides satisfying performance even while you are doing the pruning task
  • Completed with the quality materials which are suitable for a chain from the Oregon
  • Delivers quite fine cuts to the thick branches and doesn’t get dull often


  • The chain is too short for some saw models

Solution: The chain is a decent feature product from the manufacturer of Stihl. They obviously have completed a nice chain. But the chain doesn’t get fit among some saws which match its requirements. Well, you have to be wise while you are choosing a chain for your saw. The description says it will match your requirements doesn’t mean it actually will. You have to verify your requirement manually. Verify the measurements of your saw. Measure it by manually. Then come up to the specification of the chain. Match equally of the criteria. If these two specifications match by each other, you should go for the chain.

If you believe all the things that are written in your saw specification and chain specification as well, you will not get the wonderful match chain for your chainsaw/pole saw. The Stihl chains have a length of 44 drive and .043 gauge. After checking your saw measurement by manually, you can purchase the chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What file gauge and file should I use along by the saw?
  • You should use the 5\32 inches chainsaw file by it. In terms guide, use the file guide that came among the chain.
  • Is the length sufficient for heavy work purpose?
  • Yes, the chain is sufficient for heavy work. It has a length of 12 inches which can obviously do several tremendous tasks.
  • What is the weight of this chain?
  • The weight of this chain is only 4.8 ounces. It means your saw will not get weight behind adding the chain.
  • Does the chain fit accurately to the listed models?
  • Yes, it does. The chain fits completely to the saws. Thus it cut the branches like a specialized saw.


Oregon chains are always the first selection for the users. It’s for the reason that of their marvelous building quality. They completed chains so well and adds a lot of features to that chain. Stihl 12” Oregon Chain Saw is one of their greatest chains. It also comes among numerous features like the other chains of Oregon. You will be actually pleased after using the product. It will boost your saw among the famous 12 inches length. The length is very rare on the marketplace. You can’t find 12 inches length chains at a fair price. Most of the 12 inches chain on the market is from local brands. These local brands have no actual guarantee about their products.

Even before apply of those chains, the chains might break. So never exit for those local chains. They will never exist durable. On the other hand, this Oregon chain will provide you the durability and also incredible cutting performance. You can know on this stunning product from the Amazon for further reviews of users.

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