MTD 41AJPS-C767 ClickLink Universal Pole Saw Attachment

People who have a garden own typically at least a single saw. No matter it’s a chainsaw, pole saw otherwise combination of both. The saw may be an old one. Some of the families do not tend to transform tools quite often. They are pleased with their old product. It doesn't matter if it’s dull. For this cause, the pole saw attachment is needed. It will add additional power to their saw as well as help your existing trimmer to reach decent height. MTD 41AJPS-C767 ClickLink Universal Pole Saw Attachment is an attachment among numerous impressive qualities on the market. If your current saw fails to arrive at height, do not buy a pole saw. It expenses a lot. You can keep your money by purchasing a pole saw attachment. The attachment will get connected your saw and make it a stronger one than previous to. This is an incredible attachment as of the MTD.


Reaches High Places

The attachment is an enormous buy in terms of achieving the high level. In the garden there are some unneeded branches which are of no use. All the branches are not placed in the same place. Some of the limbs are far away from the ground. The attachment can supply up to 11 feet overhead reach. So cutting those high place limbs or branches is excellent easy with the attachment.

Converts Trimmer To Pole Saw

The universal attachment will exchange any kind of typical trimmer to a standard pole saw. The trimmer is not sufficient because it can’t give you appropriate reach. The high branches are not possible when you are using a trimmer. The trimmer is excellent for cutting the ground level branches. This attachment is needed to make the trimmer a pole saw for more reach.

Decreases Kickback

Kickback is the upward action of a guide bar which occurs unexpectedly. The traditional trimmers have the habit of doing kickback some times during work. It is very risky for the person who is working the trimmer because it causes fatal injury. This attachment will decrease the numbers of kickback and thus give the user a pleasant experience while working with the saw. Safety is another quality which will put your trust in this saw.

Convenient Design

The saw attachment is made to be friendly to the user regarding apply. The user who is using the attachment will experience an enjoyable environment with the saw. The use of the saw attachment is quite easy. Even attaching it to the trimmer and using it with that is very simple. You just have to switch out the lower end of your trimmer to apply the saw with it. So the conversion process is easy.


  • Reaches incredible height among a sturdy pole attachment giving you high reach up to 11 feet
  • Comes with the 8 inches radius bar which is narrow sufficient to reduce the number kickback
  • Has the simple conversion feature which helps you to attach the saw easily to the trimmer and make it a pole saw
  • Engineered with user-friendly design that makes the saw operation and maintenance easy
  • Provides outstanding performance and doesn’t get stuck at all even while cutting the stubborn unnecessary limbs of the garden


  • The weight of the trimmer increases after attaching this pole saw attachment

Solution: Some of the online reviews of this attachment have claim that the trimmer gets weighty after adding the attachment. Well, it’s normal that the weight will rise. The cause is this MTD pole saw attachment has a good weight. It is 6.8 pounds. The weight is not a lot. But when you want to attach it to another trimmer who has decent weight, both of the weight will get together and answer in a massive weight. Though the both of the tools do not have a massive weight, it’s hard to manage the saw while cutting the upper region branches or limbs. In this situation, you should apply the attachment in a trimmer which is not that much weighty. Or you can also apply it with a weighty trimmer. To manage it properly, take rest middle of sawing jobs. It will supply energy to your body and you can work with the saw accurately. There is a selection of buying too. Buying a light attachment is another excellent choice. Doing any of these things will definitely solve your trouble. Thus it will give you enjoyable experience during work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply the attachment for the Husqvarna saw?
  • The saw attachment works among most of the trimmers. It should work on Husqvarna also. You can ask the manufacturer for extra information.
  • What be the weight of this universal pole saw attachment?
  • The pole saw attachment weighs only 6.8 pounds. You trimmer will not be weighty after use the saw.
  • Does the attachment come among manufacturer warranty?
  • No, it doesn’t. The products have no warranty from the manufacturer.


Reaching the high branches is a hurting task when you don’t get a saw that has a good length of height. Many people decide that they should purchase another pole saw. But it is not a right resolution. Buying the MTD 41AJPS-C767 ClickLink Universal Pole Saw Attachment will do the work when you want to cut hard to reach branches. The saw attachment has the height extent of 11 feet. It can supply more than 11 feet overhead reach. The saw will be capable to reach the upper regions and cut the unneeded limbs there. It also comes among the 8 inches radius bar. The chain of the saw helps to reduce the kickback. Thus it can supply safety to the user. On the other hand, the saw have a user-friendly design. The users will not get weary of using the saw. They preserve work with it happily. As it has got a user-friendly design, operation of the attachment will be simple to. On the whole, it can be an excellent addition to your existing trimmer.

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