Milliard 6-16 foot Extendable Tree Pruner and Pole Saw

Cleaning your lawn usually means the elimination of overgrown logs which are at the ground level. People are rather familiar with the cleaning of lower area’s branches or limbs. But it’s an issue of concern when your large tree branches are touching the neighbor yards. It’s troubling for them and your garden as well. Milliard 6-16 foot Extendable Tree Pruner and Pole Saw is the product which is able to be used for cleaning those hard to reach branches. You must not any ladder when you own this saw. It is able of reaching more than 16 feet and trim branches properly that are up to 1.25 thick. The pole is lightweight. As a result, you have the complete control while cutting the higher branches. Some people who are not that well known among a saw might get afraid about the maintenance. But with this saw, there is no necessitate being worried. The saw has got a non-stick coating 50C carbon pruning blade that helps the user to maintain the saw simply. Moreover, the saw comes among a fiberglass pole.

Milliard 6

Double Tackle Compound Pulley Technology

Often the hand saws are challenging to manage. As you have to apply it by your hand, you might not feel fine to raise the saw. As a result, our works is hindered. For this reason, the saw comes among an advanced feature called Double Tackle Compound Pulley. It will give you the console of work. You don’t need to give a lot of effort to apply the saw with this new feature.

Steady Pole

The saw comes among a sturdy pole which is made of fiberglass. The extension pole is lightweight cause of its building materials. You can easily organize the saw by your hand. The pole is as well durable and provides 16 feet high reach. You don’t necessitate a ladder when you have this model of the saw from Milliard.

High-Grade Pruning Blade

For the pruning works, the pole saw have a pruning blade. It’s not a usual pruning blade as it looks. It is 50C carbon pruning blade. Moreover, the blade features the non-stick coating mechanism. This feature helps the user to preserve the saw blade quickly and safely. The pruning tasks will be easier through this premium blade.

Adjustable Handle

The poles have an adjustable handle. It’s equipped among the saw to grip comfortably. Every saw needs a right grip. Without a proper grip, you might face the rope burn. Here you will catch the adjustable handle. There is no danger of burn with the adjustable handle as you are going to get a nice grip.


  • Comes with fiberglass extension which is a sturdy pole but yet lightweight and easy to organize
  • Contains a pruning blade that is 50C carbon among nonstick coating for effortless maintenance
  • Allows you to cuts through branches among minimum human effort
  • Can cut branches which are 1.25 thick among the pruning head easily
  • Provides essential heights for the hard to reach branches by extending up to 16 feet high


  • The blade doesn’t cut well

Solution: This Milliard saw has 50C pruning blade that is able of trimming the thick branches. But some users said the design of the saw blade is deprived. As a result, it doesn’t cut fine. This trouble is happening for the dullness of the saw blade most probably. In that case, you necessitate sharpening the blade. Try to sharpen the saw blade through required tools. After completing this process, check whether the trouble is solved or not. Hopefully, you will yet again get the sharpening cuts during work.

  • Not Electric and needs a lot of arm energy

Solution: This pole saw and pruner is a hand saw. It means the saw is going to run among the power of your hand. The saw contain no machine or doesn’t run on any battery or electricity. When you are buying it, you necessitate keeping in mind that it will be operated by your hand. However, the manufacturer has used a technology called Double Tackle Compound Pulley. It will resolve your problem. It doesn’t take much of your energy while working through the saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much thick branches the saw be able to cut?
  • The saw can cut branches that are up to 1.25 inches thick as it has got a pleasant pruning head.
  • Is the pole too much heavy to manage?
  • The pole is a little bit pleased. But it’s not going to spoil your sawing jobs.
  • What is the pole completed of?
  • The pole that has been used in this Milliard saw is completed from the fiberglass. So it’s quite a powerful pole.
  • How long the pole is able to be extended approximately?
  • The pole of this tree pruner can reach up to 16 feet to cut down the unattractive high branches.
  • How excellent is the saw blade?
  • The pole saw have 1.2mm thick and 14in long saw blade. It’s made from the high-carbon SK5 steel. So a nice saw blade in reasonable budget.


When you are preparation to decorate your garden, the first thing comes to your mind is the cleaning process of your ground level. But there are not simply waste limbs on the ground. Upper areas of the gardens are also affected by the revolting and unwanted branches. So you need a chainsaw as well as a pole saw which will provide your needs while cutting the upper regions. Here comes a tree pruner and saw named Milliard 6-16 foot Extendable Tree Pruner and Pole Saw that is a suitable option for the people who have an average budget and want to cut their upper branches. It comes with a fiberglass pole for reaching heights. Then again, Double Tackle Compound Pulley Technology. It will permit the user to cut down branches with minimum effort. Users have claimed it to be a perfect selection for cutting hard reach branches. On Amazon, it has pleasing reviews. Buying the pruner would be a wise selection considering the qualities.

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