Maxtra 42.7CC 2-Stroke 1.5HP 1100W Gas Pole Chainsaw

There are three types of saws on the marketplace. Gas powered saw is the most powerful saw between them. It runs with the gas and delivers stronger performance than the electric ones. A lot of brands produce gas pole saws. Each saw of those companies is not good when you consider the product feature. Here comes a splendid saw named Maxtra 42.7CC 2-Stroke 1.5HP 1100W Gas Pole Chainsaw from the famed manufacturer MAXTRA. It has earned its fame by the incredible performance among a mighty engine which is a 2-stroke engine, 1.5HP, 1100w, and 42.7cc. The gas pole saws are an all-rounder saw. It has almost all the features that make a saw perfect for apply. You will not face fatigue during work as the saw features anti-vibration method. The chain oiler is adjustable which makes the maintenance task of this saw simple.

Maxtra Gas Pole Saw, 42.7CC

Simple Adjustment of Chain Tension

The gas chainsaw has the feature of simple adjustment in chain tensioning. The chain is the main factor when you are cutting branches. If it’s not providing sufficient support, you will face failure in your work. Adjustment of chain tension is very essential which can be done manually with some saws. But with this chainsaw, there is simple adjust chain tensioning which allows you to change the chain faster and properly.

Air Filter

The engine is an essential part of the chainsaw. It is the machine which runs the saw. Therefore the trimming presentation, durability and reliability depend on the engine of a saw. This pole chainsaw comes among the air filter. It protects the chain since various issues. If the engine is fine, the saw will supply a long time of service undoubtedly. So the air filter ensures the durability of an engine also.

Mighty 10 inches Cutting Bar

The pole chainsaw has got a bunch of inspiring specifications. It comes among the bar and chain of 10 inches which is another superb feature of this saw. With the bar and chain, cutting would be a pleasurable task. The bar and chain are safe too as it has got manual backup along among the inertia-type safety chain brake. It helps if the chain kickback happens.

Accessories of Safety

Chainsaws which are powered by the gas posses singular kind of risks. For this reason, the MAXTRA has added a lot of options and accessories to stay the user safe from the dangers. The saw comes among tool kit, chain cover, shoulder strap, muffler shield and so on. All of these things are dedicated to the user protection.

Anti Vibration

The saw has one more decent quality that helps to cut comfortably. The quality is it doesn’t vibrate during cuts. Vibration is a common trouble among the chainsaws. But it’s special. It doesn’t vibrate by all. Thus it decreases the user weakness.


  • Contains a Muffler shield that helps to prevent contact among the hot muffler
  • Includes necessary accessories like chain cover, toolkit and user manual
  • Doesn’t kickback rotationally as the saw is secure-T-Tip equipped
  • Ensures durability and protection of engine among air filter
  • Comes among one year warranty on free parts and labor


  • Comes with a user manual which doesn’t have many pieces of information

Solution: The user manual part is a vital book where you get necessary information about a specific product. When it’s not available, you have to facilitate from the expert of that product. Here the saw comes among a user manual but with less information. There is lack of in sequence in the user manual. In this situation, you should call the helpline of the manufacturer for particular facilitate. Furthermore, you can search the product on the web and also check the manufacturer websites to take essential help and information about the pole chainsaw.

  • Comes with a plastic chain cover

Solution: The chain cover is provided among the saw to protect the user from any risk regarding the chain. But the cover is completed of plastic materials. So it will not provide appropriate safety to the user. You can purchase another chain cover from the market. Additionally, if you apply the saw carefully during work, you don’t need protection from the chain.Enter your text here...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there several hedge trimmer attachments for this model of saw?
  • No, there is no hedge trimming attachment available at present.
  • What is the length of the pole in this saw?
  • The extension pole length is 1.2m. Total length is 2.3m when the pole is attach to the machine.
  • How much thick wood the saw be able to cut?
  • It cuts through 8-inch limbs through absolutely no issues.
  • What is the heaviness of this gas chainsaw?
  • It’s regarding 13 lbs excluding the chain and bar. With everything included, the heaviness is not more than 18 lbs.
  • Can I attach extra extension to make the pole saw longer?
  • It’s not recommended for security measure. There’s only one pole that comes among the saw.


In a garden, the hardest task is cutting and trimming those thicker branches. They will give you the most hurting situation. The typical saws are not sufficient to cut them up and clean the garden. A stout and robust chainsaw among maximum power to cut thick branches are needed. With Maxtra 42.7CC 2-Stroke 1.5HP 1100W Gas Pole Chainsaw, the task of trimming the thick branches is simple. The pole chainsaw is a beast. It is motorized by one of the strongest engines which are the 2-stroke engine, 1.5HP, 1100w, and 42.7cc. The chainsaw is also upgraded to the newest version of the saw. It means you are going to get all the new opportunities among this gas powered saw. It comes among the crucial chain cover. The cover will shelter the user from risks of the chain while working.

Moreover, the saw comes among the centrifugal clutch. It helps the saw to start simply and provides safety too. The manufacturer MAXTRA has not compromised among safety at all. Though it’s a gas pole saw, it has a lot of options for user security and comfort. It’s a masterpiece invention from them. Considering the features, the price is not a lot. If you can manage to pay for the budget, definitely you should purchase this beast machine for your yard or garden.

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