Worx Pole Saw Guide

Chainsaws are important tools when people think about cutting the small trees or branches that are at the ground level. It can perform majestic jobs on the ground. But when it comes to the talk of cutting the higher branches, pole saw is the only selection. The pole is not the only option but it is the best decision to clean the higher area of the garden by a civilized pole saw. It can give you the correct height that helps to cut the hard to reach branches. On the market of the pole saw, Worx brand is one of the better pole saw brands that provide quality service by their saws. The Worx brand has plenty of pole saws which are popular on the market for their large cutting skill and ability.

Here we will be discussion about two pole saws from the Worx brand. These pole saws are measured to be the best among their products. The names of the pole saws are correspondingly WORX WG308 Electric JawSaw with 6-inch Extension Handle, WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw, 10 inches.

Why Choose the Worx brand?


The brand is reliable as it’s selling both chainsaws and pole saws for extended time. It has earned its reputation by the awesome excellence of products. Most of the shops of the market are satisfied with the local brand products. It’s hard to have believed in those companies products because you will not obtain a product with good quality. But when you are preparation to purchase one of the Worx brand’s products, you should not worry at all as they are reliable to buy from.


Another reason of buying the Worx pole saw is the safety reason. During the production of saws, Worx gives concentration to the product safety. It's because they concern about the user. They want the user to be protected from any kind of danger that comes with a pole saw. For this reason, you will see that most of their pole saws enclose the safe locking mechanism technology. It keeps left the dangers of the pole from a user. If you are alarm about the safety of yourself, you should buy Worx pole saw.

Build Quality

When you are about to buy a product, you must think about the quality of it. Quality is the most universal thing to consider during the purchase of a product. No matter its pole saw or other products, feature should be considered at first. Worx makes no comprise whilst producing the pole saws. They are famous for their extraordinary quality in making the saws. You will have the appropriate value of your money if you buy Worx pole saw.

Top Pole Saws from Worx

WORX WG308 Electric JawSaw with 6-inch Extension Handle

long handle chainsaw


Extension Pole

The pole saw comes among an extension which is the pole of this saw. You can apply the saw as a chainsaw during the cut of small trees in your garden. On the other hand, when you want to cut the high branches, you have to attach to extension handle to the saw in order to make it a pole saw. Then you will catch the high reach from the saw. The pole saw is able of reaching 12 feet by the extension handle that comes with the product.

Chain Auto-Tensioning

The chain keeps the saw running. To get appropriate run of the chain, you need to tension the chain appropriately. There are various saws which have the feature of tensioning automatically. This saw is one of them. It will tension your saw chain according to need so that you can get decent service since the chain.

Automatic Oiling Technology

Another aspect of the saw is automatic oiling technology. Oil is the lot that a chain needs. You can say the important water of a chain is its oil. But it needs to be the right oil. If you fill the reservoir with proper oil, the saw will automatically supply the oil. You need not any concern because the technology does the work quite well.


  • The pole saw is quite heavy which creates troubles during the control of the saw
  • The chain is not that strong which causes it to drop of the saw

WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw, 10 inch

pole chain saw home depot


Powerful Motor

The saw comes among a power motor which is an 8-ampere motor. If you are familiar with saws, you will recognize how much powerful an 8-ampere motor can be. It will deliver maximum power to the procedure of cutting the high branches that are not needed at all. If your saw is not delivering sufficient power, get this saw. It will perceptibly be a great addition to your yard tools.

Extension for High Reach

Another thing to talk regarding the saw is its extension pole. The extension pole is fantastic heighty which will give enough reach to cut hard to reach branches. It is 8 feet long. The extension will provide you above 10 feet reach when it’s attached to the saw. Therefore if there are many unnecessary branches in your garden, you don’t have to be anxious about this saw.

Pole Locking System

It’s very dangerous to apply a ladder during the process of cutting high branches. This is why many apparent brands have made pole saws so that people can be free from the dangers of a ladder. But unfortunately, some of the pole saws are not even secure. The pole shakes too much and creates unusual issues in some cases. Here the saw has the renowned locking system which keeps the saw locked. So it will not be dangerous for you to organize the saw.


  • The oil leaks when the pole saw is not using through the user
  • The pole saw becomes weighty and hard after attaching the pole toward it


Worx pole saws are well-known for their extraordinary performance in cutting the branches of the garden. Now they have brought the pole saws also. It’s not different since their past products. They are still producing muscular saws. The examples are the on top of two saws. Both of the saws are excellent in their fields. Overall, they are straight enough. You can choose any of the saws without any hesitation.

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