Jameson Landscaper Pole Saw with Three 6′ Poles

Landscaping is the process of decorating the garden and give it a new modernized look. The important tool for the lawn is the pole saw. It is an everyday affair that the gardens contain various types of unnecessary and waste branches. Those branches are of no applied. So removing those branches is a necessity when you are landscaping your yard or outdoor. Several of those branches are out of your reach. This is why pole saw is needed. Here comes a good pole saw for cutting the high limbs which are named Landscaper Pole Saw with Three 6' Poles. It includes three poles. The saw is completed for the upper area branches. It will serve your need completely when you are planning to trim the high logs. The three poles are 6 feet every one. It means you are going to get 18 feet reach among the pole saw. The pole saw have got Tri-Cut saw blade which is 16 inch.

Landscaper Tree Pruner and Pole Saw with Two 6' LS

Reaches The Most Height

The landscaping pole saw has three poles generally. Every pole is 6 feet in length. So when you are attaching three poles together, you will find up to 18 feet reach. In your garden, there might be a few trees which are taller than 15 feet. With this pole saw those hard to reach branches will be super simple to cut.

Different Pole Feature

The saw contain three poles. Though it has three poles, they are special from each other when you are considering the pole features. The first pole is permanently mounted through a saw blade. The second one is fiberglass pole. It’s the base pole that is connected among female ferrule and rubber base cap. And the third one is the extension pole among both male and female ferrules. They will supply different benefits to the user.

Cuts Hardest Limbs

The pole saw is also a winner when it comes to the cutting performance. It can trim from hard to harder branches through its Tri-Cut saw blade which is 16 inch. With this amazing tri-cut blade the saw is able to cut 3 inches in diameter oak limb by taking some moments. Those who need a hard cutting saw as well as a accurate height saw, it’s the best choice for them.

Durable Design

The landscaping pole saw also comes through a sustainable design. Design matters the most while attracting the customers. The saw has a fiberglass pole, sharp finishing on the body and long lasting build material. Moreover, the saw comes among the best color that matches with nature - Green. The construction and overall design build the saw durable.


  • Comes among 6 feet base pole which is hollow fiberglass including female ferrule and rubber base cap
  • Contains another extension pole through the same length and male, female ferrule
  • Has 6 feet pole saw head that is mounted among male ferrule permanently on the other end so that it can snap into the base pole
  • Sturdy built and simple to handle so that user can cut in right direction
  • Perfect lengths among three poles which provide 18 feet reach


  • It’s tough to make the poles apart after attaching them together

Solution: The landscaper pole saw have three poles. Both of the poles are 6 feet long. Overall they will provide up to 18 feet reach to the user. But when they get attached to every other, it’s not easy to break the bond. The pole connectors are also tight. As a result, you face this kind of trouble. Make the pole connector not much loose or much tight. Maintain an average tightening connection between the poles so that they can be detached among ease to finish the work.

  • Unable to add more extension as it becomes weighty

Solution: For some users, up to 18 feet high reach is not an enough amount. They want more reach as they got many trees among tremendous heights. They tried to add one more extension but it becomes impossible to manage the saw. It’s because sufficient amount of poles are already added. The saw is not compatible among more extensions. In that case, you have to apply the 3 three extensions that come with the saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I enlarge the pole to 24 feet high?
  • You can enlarge it. If you add another 6 feet pole, you will get 24 feet arrive. But that’s not recommended as the saw will be really heavy to continue.
  • Is the blade excellent enough?
  • The blade that comes among the saw is quite right as it’s a tri-cut saw blade. The blade length is 16 inch.
  • Will it arrive everything assembled?
  • No, not everything. You have to deposit up a little bit and it’s effortless to do. Then you are deposit to go.
  • Is there any possibility that the pole will get affected by dent or something like this?
  • There’s no possibility of dent on the pole as it is made of fiberglass. So no necessitate worrying about it.
  • Is there any danger of detaching the parts as the saw contains many extensions?
  • There’s no necessitate to anxious about the attachments. When they are put together, it’s difficult to make them apart.


The sawing tasks are the most essential works of a garden. It clears the upper level dead or needless limbs and branches. Thus it gives a new clean and plain look. The sawing job is a necessary factor to consider. As it removes the waste and decorates your garden. Landscaper Pole Saw among Three 6' Poles is a nice tool for your garden. It’s well built and you can work among it regularly without having problems. The pole saw has three poles which are a wonderful feature. No pole saw can supply such reach which is 18 feet within a low-mid budget. The pole saw is a hand saw. There’s no necessitate to have an electric connection in the garden to run the saw. Though sometimes it becomes problematic to work with a hand saw as you have a lot of arm apply, it’s a superior buy for your outdoor tool.

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