Hooyman 5 Foot Extendable Tree Saw

The saw has become a necessary outdoor tool for the families who have gardens. Gardens are the places where the rubbish and waste are a general sight. Cleaning those waste materials is necessary to give the garden a better look. This is why saws are very accepted now. But most of them are not affordable for all family. A few saws are affordable and supply enough benefits as well. Hooyman 5 Foot Extendable Tree Saw is one of the lowest price saws on the marketplace now. It is a handy tree saw. The performance of this tree saw is well satisfying comparing among the price.

It also comes among an extension which is 5 feet high. The extension will give you essential height when you are dealing with the upper limbs or logs. Not only good extension but also it collapses impressively to 12 inches just. It means carrying and lifting the saw is super simple.


Portable Use

The saw is able of using as a portable pole saw. It is a lightweight tree saw and it has a light design also. These points make the saw simple to lift. Also, you can fold up the saw. The tree saw can be folded down to only 1 feet in length which is very inspiring for a saw. Therefore, you can carry the saw anywhere you want among super lightweight and small size.

Well Constructed

The tree saw is very fine constructed. Their designs allow it to last for a long time. The saw is completed of the aluminum I-beam build materials. It ensures the hardiness of the saw. You can get service from this saw years after years among absolutely no issues. People who are looking for a long lasting tree saw it’s a decent selection for them.

Positive Locking System

Safety is an essential no matter what product you are using. The saws should be safe for a user to apply. Because there are singular hard tasks like the hard to reach branches. To cut them, you necessitate a pole. The pole extension is unsafe as it’s too long. You might fail to manage it. But not with this saw, it has got positive locking method which ensures the pole stays out safely.

Megabytes Premium Blade

The pole saw comes among a high-grade blade. The blade is the most wonderful feature of this tree saw. It has a high carbon steel blade which is there to cut even the stubborn branches through ease. The blade contains four edge tooth design that cuts the limbs and branches in your prefer location. It is a premium quality blade so that you get the best cuts only among this tree saw.


  • Provides safety to the user during extension of the saw among positive locking system
  • Is capable to extend 5 feet to cut the higher area logs or limbs
  • Durable as the saw is build from the I-beam aluminum construction
  • Clear cutting and trimming among the steel blade which is made of high premium carbon
  • Can be used for the purpose of a hand saw or an extension saw which makes room for multipurpose apply


  • Doesn't come with a long saw blade

Solution: The saw has one problem that a number of users have complained about. It is the saw blade. They said the saw blade is not long sufficient for some of the branches. The cause behind this saw blade is the weight and the design as well. This pole saw was designed to be lightweight and portable as well. As a result, the manufacturer uses a small blade on the saw. You can confirm for a replacement blade. There might be some longer blades obtainable for this saw. Search for them and get one.

  • Saw attachment got broke after the first use

Solution: The tree saw have an attachment of 5 feet. It’s equipped among the saw as it will provide some heights during the task of cutting. The extension is not a powerful extension. This saw is completed to be lightweight. So a powerful pole has not been used in the tree saw. For this reason, there is a chance of breaking issue through the attachment. To escape from this problem, don’t apply the attachment too heavily. Apply it to cut thin branches and do it carefully with softness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to start the saw?
  • There’s no necessitate to start or power the saw. It’s a hand saw which means it will activate by your hand.
  • What is the highest length the extension can reach?
  • The highest length of the extension is 5 feet.
  • What is the heaviness of this hand tree saw?
  • The heaviness of this tree saw is about 1.55 pounds. It’s lightweight and very simple to manage during work.
  • Can I carry it to another place without any difficulty?
  • Yes, of course. The hand tree saw weighs very little and the size is small as well. Therefore, it can be apparently used as a portable saw.
  • What on the saw blade?
  • The saw blade is a high-excellence part of the saw. It is completed of the premium elements and provides enough sharpness.


Though there are many portable saws, both of them do not have good quality. The price is high and you don’t search out a decent product as well. Here we got a good extendable pole saw which can reach up to 5 feet and cut tree branches. The saw is also available for portable apply. You can carry it to another place fast as the weight is only 1.5 lbs. You can fold the pole saw as well while carrying it. It folds down simply and gets a length of 1 feet only.

On the other hand, the pole saw blade is completed of high carbon steel. It means you will get premium cuts among this extendable saw. The pole saw is moreover well built. It will definitely be a durable pole saw since the arms of the saw are constructed from the aircraft-grade aluminum. This is a sporadic quality among the portable pole saws. Users are quite satisfied among using this saw. Buying it wouldn’t be a beating project for you.

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