GreenWorks 20192 6.5 Amp 8-Inch Corded Pole Saw

Electric saws are the most demanding ones at now. It has become the first selection for the users who are keen on cleaning their garden or yard but do not want to spend much time with the saw. GreenWorks 20192 6.5 Amp 8-Inch Corded Pole Saw is an electric saw from the company Sunrise Global Marketing. Their products are viral with the customers for sound quality. The pole saw is corded and set up the saw is easier than the gas powered saws. As it’s an electric unit, you must to connect it to an electrical outlet and the pole saw is set to run. The corded saw comes among an 8 inch Oregon bar and durable chain. Many features allow the user to maintain the saw through comfort. The saw has the mechanical oil mechanism. It ensures the stability of the chain. You can also check the oil level among the built-in window.

Greenworks 8.5'

Heavy Powered 6.5 Amp Motor

This saw from the GreenWorks is powered through a powerful motor. It’s 6.5-ampere motor. If you are familiar among the motor of saws, you already know how much power it can deliver. The engine delivers extraordinary energy while cutting the branches. You will find more than the expected cutting performance from this electric saw.

Cutting Bar and Chain of 8 inches

The bar and chain need to be completed with high-quality elements. It decides how many thick branches it be able to cut. If the quality is decent, it will supply impressive cuts. The electric saw comes among 8 inches cutting bar. It’s appropriate for cutting the small limbs or branches. The bar use 0.50 gauge and 3/8 inches pitch.

Extension Pole

The extension pole that has been used in the saw is a good one. It is completed of aluminum. Thus it is sturdy enough for regular apply. The extension pole will help to keep away from the use of the ladder. The aluminum shaft can arrive at up to 8 feet. So you do not necessitate any ladder help as the saw gives enough to reach for the hard to reach branches.

Carrying Bag of Nylon

Carrying the saw to another place is the most pain ever on earth. You have to arrange the saw again and again but still, you can’t create it perfect for carrying. This is why the saw comes among a carrying bag to assist you during a visit to any other place. You can easily lift and move the saw among the pack.

Effortless Chain Tension Adjustment

The corded pole saw features the simple adjustment technology of chain tension. Lacking this feature, you have to adjust chain tension in the center of your work. It troubles your concentration on particular work. With this simple method, you have just to turn the bolt and the chain tension is adjusted.


  • Has an Oregon bar and chain that is 8 inch and cut the stubborn limbs and branches clearly
  • Features automatic oiler to keep the chain lubricated when it’s required
  • Come among 3-piece shaft of aluminum which can be extended up to 8 feet for high reach
  • Features easy tensioning method chain that helps to tighten the chain quickly
  • Includes a carrying bag for protected carrying or transportation purpose


  • Oil leaks from the saw

Solution: Oil leaking from the saw is a standard topic among the saw users. This may leak for some reasons. One is the common leak. When the saw is not in idle mode, it leaks a small amount of oil. It’s normal. But when it’s leaking good amount oil, you should check the place from where the oil is leaking. Check the real point by removing the bar and chain. If you have done the process of finding the leak point then you can get steps accordingly.

  • The saw becomes unbalanced when the extension is fully extended

Solution: This GreenWorks pole saw comes among a strong and steady pole. The pole is skilled enough to supply cuts to the thick branches. As a result, sometimes the saw is a small unbalanced. In that situation, place the pole straight before your chest level to get manage over the saw. Doing it will help you to build the pole more balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply the saw to trim like a hedger?
  • No, this is not right for trimming like hedger. The pole saw is completed for cutting thin branches.
  • Which kind of oil is suggested for this saw?
  • You can apply any type of chain and bar oil.
  • Is the angle of the chain and bar changeable?
  • No, you can’t change the angle. It is fixed.
  • Can I detach the poles to apply it as a typical chainsaw?
  • You can take out the center pole only. The lower and upper poles necessitate to be in their respective places.
  • Which connection is necessary to run the saw?
  • This pole saw need a connection to 120v 60hz outlet. In North America, it’s ordinary voltage.


There are numerous electric pole saws presented on the market. In this situation, it might get critical to choose what saw can a superior buy for you. To purchase the right product, you should think your own or personal requirements. You must to fix what you want. The Sunrise Global Marketing has completed some excellent pole saws in the past. GreenWorks 20192 6.5 Amp 8-Inch Corded Pole Saw is another excellence pole saw from them. It’s an electric saw. If you are eager to apply an electric saw, this saw from GreenWorks will obviously be a decent choice. It has so several impressive qualities to attract you.

The saw contains an energetic motor of 6.5 amp which cuts unwanted limbs within a second. It doesn’t problem during work. The engine keeps work faster all the time. The pole saw have an over-mold handle. It makes sure the ease of the user while working with the saw. On the whole, it will be a sensible decision to purchase the saw at an affordable price.

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