Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

The use of pole saws is rising as the days are passing. It’s cause the role that these saws are playing to cut high branches of trees is irreplaceable. Different pole saws are coming with different features and technologies. The majority promising pole saws are getting more buyers than other competitors. Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner is one of the most accepted saws on the market. It has the fast cutting system, the extendable pole which extends up to 12 feet and many other features. The saw has one more extraordinary feature that is it comes with the lifetime warranty which means there’s no need to worry about durability. Let’s talk about some other features of this pole saw.

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Fiberglass Pole

Most of the pole saws are weighty to lift or carry. It’s cause of the pole. The pole is the main part that makes a saw hard to lift. This saw from Fiskar is not one of them. The pole is completed of fiberglass. As a effect, it’s not weighty. The pole is lightweight. So carrying the saw is not a hard duty. You can carry it and manage the saw with ease and comfort. Though the pole is lightweight, it’s sturdy enough for yard jobs.

Locking System

The pole saw & pruner has the secure dual locking system that will keep you and your saw safe. It’s the pole what weighs a lot in a saw. For this cause, the pole doesn’t stay straightly. Sometimes it happens because of the wind speed or the loose placement of the pole. You have to stop in the center of the work. It hampers the reliability of that particular job. The advance double locking system comes as a combination of inner spring lock and flips lock. It makes sure the pole stays extended all the time as working.

Satisfactory Cutting Performance

The saw delivers elevated performance in cutting and trimming branches. It cuts like the two-in-one trimming method. From large to small branches, it trims all kind of tree limbs quite properly. There is a accuracy-ground steel pruner that is functioned for small branches. It makes the method of cutting small limbs easier. There is as well a double-grind saw which is 12 inch. It is completed for the larger limbs. So both of the tree limb are easy to cut with this saw.

Durable Saw Blade

The blade of a saw is a vital part of it. You can’t cut something without it. If the blade is not sharp adequately, you will face problem often while doing the cutting jobs. The saw blade that comes with this pole saw is actual sharp and also lasts for a long time. Most of the users have claimed that the sharpness stays for two years about. It doesn’t indicate you can’t use it after two years. It can be used then also. Additionally, you can purchase alternate blade to get the previous sharpness again.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the exclusive advantages offered by the manufacturer Fiskars is the lifetime warranty. The Fiskars company is well known for the behind sale service. Lifetime warranty is one the best examples. You can use the saw without any doubts because if there’s something wrong with the saw, just take it to any of the Fiskars stores. They will repair it by their experts. Warranty for the lifetime creates dependability in your mind about a product.


  • Comes with fiberglass pole that is strong sufficient for sawing jobs
  • Contains locking system which locks the pole very strongly
  • Has a double-grind saw to eliminate large branches which are 12 inch
  • Comes with a exactitude-ground steel pruner which ensures the proper cutting of thick branches
  • Offers lifetime warranty that is very exceptional in the market


  • Rope broke after some days of use

Solution: The pole saw has a objection from the users that the rope of it doesn’t stay long. It broke after some exploit according to a few users. The rope that has been used in the saw is quite good. But if you situate too much anxiety or force on this, it might break. So you have to use the rope carefully with needed power, not much. If you are not putting much anxiety on the rope, it will not break hopefully.

  • The blade gets bent

Solution: Another objection about this pole saw is that the blade gets bent during the work. The blade is a vital part and without it, you can’t do the sawing jobs. To make it work graciously, check the tension. It might not be adequately tightened. You should tighten the tension so that the blade never gets turned.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any alternative for upgrading the blade?
  • There is no alternative to upgrade the blade in this model of the saw.
  • What regarding the weight of the saw?
  • The weight is about 4.3 pounds. It’s lightweight which is why it’s painless to lift and control.
  • What type of branches it can cut?
  • The saw is able of cutting most of the branches. Generally, it can cut branches which are up to 1-1/2 inch thick.
  • Is it too tough to grip?
  • No, it isn’t. The grip is simple and anyone can comfortably do it.
  • Is it too weighty when the pole is fully extended?
  • No, it’s not weighty. It’s very handy to apply with the extension pole too.


Saw is an important tool for our regular yard use. Many of the people are not hiring gardeners as they are doing the gardening jobs on their own. So the manufacturers have made some saws in the market which are useful for home apply. Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw and Pruner is one of them. The pole saw is easy to apply and control to do gardening works properly. Newbie’s can apply the pole saw without facing difficulties because functions of the saw are simple. The weight of the pole saw is light also. Rust is a big problem when there is so much rust inside the machine. Sometimes rust makes the saw jammed and troubles your works. This saw is free from rust as its rust resistance. 

If you are looking for a pole saw to trim 8-9 feet branches commonly, you can get it. It will be a decent buy as the saw is appropriate for the yard use.

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