Fiskars Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

The garden trees look up the quality of decoration in a house. Extra branches are the negative points that reduce the beauty of a garden. Keeping the waste branches away from the tree is not a simple task. It needs patience, hard work and most importantly a saw which will serve up your demand of cutting the unwanted branches. Fiskars Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner is a decent selection to cut the high reach branches of your yard or garden. The pole features oval-shaped fiberglass. It helps you while choosing the way to cut the tree limbs. The pole is completed of fiberglass and aluminum which is capable of reaching up to 16 feet. The extendable pole saw can cut several small as well as large branches among the strong tree trimming system. It has a convenient design as well. Let’s talk regarding the characteristics of the saw.


Locking System For The Pole

The extendable saw has a fiberglass and aluminum pole which is there to deliver the reach you have to cut the high branches. But the pole has danger too. If it doesn’t stay straight through work, you may face difficulties. The Fiskars has used the double locking method for the pole, so it stays straight. Thus it gives the user security from the pole.

Compact Head

Snagging is an annoying matter with the traditional pole saws. The snagging matter appears while the saw is working on a task. To get rid the users of this trouble, the saw maker has added the compact head feature. This feature is connected to the inner parts of a saw. It reduces the snagging matter noticeably.

Suitable For Reaching Height

The saw is a pruner with a pole saw. It’s usual the saw will contain a pole. The saw has a sturdy pole which is completed of fiberglass and aluminum. Therefore it’s especially strong built. It can get to the height of 16 feet. It means the tall trees are not a difficulty to count anymore. With this pole saw, you would be capable to get there simply.

Advanced Cutting Mechanism

The saw has superior cutting technology. It is a straight saw for both thick and larger branches. For the thick branches mainly, the saw has a exactitude-ground steel pruner. It is perfect for the thick branches that are 1 1/4 inch. On the other hand, the saw contain 15 inches hooked WoodZig saw. This will cut the thick branches with absolutely no trouble.


  • Allows you to avoid ladder as it can reach essential height
  • Provides up to 3x more cutting power than the traditional saws through chain-drive gearing mechanism during your work
  • Decreases snagging while working as the inner parts are at the compact head
  • Contains a pole completed of fiberglass and aluminum that is stout and doesn't make the saw weighty
  • Offers warranty for lifetime among Fiskars fantastic product quality


  • The saw blade gets dull and hampers the cutting tasks

Solution: The blade of the saw got dull after a couple of uses according to several of the users. This can happen for singular reasons. Wear can be the cause behind the dullness of the blade. Another object is the pitch buildup. During cutting woods, several of the resins of the wood gets stuck to the teeth. As a result, the blade can’t distribute sharp cuts. Other waste materials sticking to the teeth can also be a cause to the dullness of the blade. To get rid of it, clean the saw all time after work. You can apply a small amount of oven cleaner for cleaning the saw blade. After washing, wipe up dry it. Stay the teeth away from waste materials as much as you can.

  • Pole detaches and hard to control sometimes

Solution: Though the pole that has been used in this saw is sturdy and stable, a few users have claim that it detaches. Also managing the pole is complicated sometimes. This Pole saw is special from other saws. You have to know how to apply the machine as it has some different characteristics. Before opening your work, clean that particular area. Begin with the positioning. Hold the saw among both hands and bring it to a vertical position and stop there a little bit time to control it. Never position the saw under your chest. Create a groove and carry on the cutting task. Try to keep your eyes on the branches so that you can raise the cutting speed when needed. Following these things will prevent pole detachment and it will be easy to manage the saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this Fiskars saw come among an operator manual?
  • No, it doesn’t. But the saw is pretty simple to run or operate without any type of instructions.
  • Can I apply an additional extender on this saw?
  • It’s not probable. The pole can be extended maximum 16 feet. It’s enough and if it’s not, uses a ladder for further extension.
  • Where can I get the replacement parts of this saw?
  • In Amazon or visit the official site of Fiskars. You can buy the replacement parts from there.
  • Is it excessively heavy to lift?
  • The saw is a slight heavy when extended fully. But still, it’s controllable, not a lot weight. The weight truly varies from person to person.
  • Can the saw slash limbs that are 2 inches thick?
  • Yes. It can slash those limbs with easy.


As the time goes by, the unnecessary branches of your garden will raise. A number of the branches will be very heighty. Those tree limbs are impossible to cut from the ground among a typical saw. In that case, Fiskars Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner is a brilliant choice. The saw is completed for cutting and trimming the hard-to-reach limbs. You can cut branches which are hard to get to from the lower level. The pole saw can reach up 16 feet and simply trim the unwanted limbs. The pole saw is also secured among the double locking system. The pole saw is oval-shaped that help you to cut in the exact direction. It has earned 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon. If you like it, you should buy it as the product is affordable too.

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