BLACK+DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw Reviews

It’s strong for the garden trees to remain fine in the season of snow, heavy wind or ice storm. These natural calamities regularly make the tree branches broken and creates a bunch of unnecessary tree branches. In that situation, a sturdy and robust saw can do the work of cleaning those unnecessary limbs and branches. BLACK+DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw is a great choice to buy for this task. It’s a suitable saw for the seasons where your garden faces a lots of disasters. The saw has an reasonable price with extraordinary features. It doesn't need any battery or doesn't need to be charged as it’s an electronic saw. You just have to plug it into an electrical outlet and then it runs according to your command.

It sounds less than the customary saws. You can easily effort with it as it’s lightweight. Moreover, the pole is oval shaped which gives you the greatest performance.


Useful Inline Motor

Safety events are something which should be kept in mind while producing a pole saw. The inline motor feature is one of those safety events. The pole saw can frankly trim your garden branches with the inline motor. It allows the user to maintain the clear line of sight as well as the trimming duty. So it’s an beneficial feature.

Long Extension Pole

The pole saw comes with long extension pole. It’s not about the ground stage ugly branches. Some branches are prepared to give most pain to the user. They are the tall reach branches. By this pole saw you would get 9.5 feet reach. So it will resolve your problem even for the most top areas.

Light Built and Design

The weight of the saw is quite pleasing when you compare it with other saws on the market. It is just 7.9 lbs. Sometimes you have to trim for a lengthy time. There might occur a storm and you have to spend lots of time trimming the waste branches. If the weight of the saw is not much, it will help your hand to lift the saw for a long time.


The corded saw is completed to be durable. It has 10 inch cutting bar and chain. This is very exceptional among the pole saws. The cutting bar is powerful and durable that gives day to day remarkable performance. Moreover, the saw is completed in a way which reduces the vibration during work. It helps the saw to be durable.

Automatic Oiler System

The automatic oiler is a good quality of a saw. It supplies essential oil to the cutting chain and bar when it requires. Lack of this feature, user suffers a lot as they have to oil the chain and bar by their possess. The manual process is quite irritating. But with automatic oiler, there’s no difficulty at all.


  • Provides enough power during work with 6.5 amp motor
  • Continually lubricates the bar and chain with automatic oiling system
  • Contains a strong pole which is capable to extend up to 9.5 feet
  • Cuts branches exactly that are 10 inches thick
  • Decreases the body tear and wear providing console to the user


  • The pole saw doesn’t approach with its bar and chain oil

Solution: This model of pole saw from the Black and Decker doesn’t approach with own chain and bar oil. Many of the users have said it’s a trouble for them when the oil is not included. It’s not a difficult trouble at all. There are many home improvement shops where different kind of oils is available. You can go to the stores and asked them about oil for exact pole saw model. This saw is also suitable to use bar and chain standard oil. You can purchase the oil individually to use in it.

  • Chain is not much reliable and there is possibility of breaking

Solution: The saw comes with a chain which is unsafe when you are working with the saw for a long time. The chain of the saw may break if there is too much pressure on it. In this situation, apply the pole saw carefully. It should be used for a long time in one job. Give it time to break and clean the chain when it’s required. By taking excellent care of the chain will make it last for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I separate the chainsaw from the pole saw?
  • No, you can’t. The chainsaw works very well remaining attach to the pole saw.
  • How to sharpen the chain of the saw?
  • You can use chainsaw file or Dremel style tool that includes a chainsaw stone to sharpen the saw chain.
  • What type of oil the saw requires?
  • You can buy the bar and chain oil made for chainsaws to apply in it.
  • From where should I get the replacement parts of this pole saw?
  • You can get the replacement parts of this saw on Amazon. To know what parts are exact for your saw, check the user manual.
  • What is the weight of this corded saw?
  • The saw doesn’t weight more than 10 lbs. It’s not difficult to work with the saw not even when it’s extended totally.


The BLACK+DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw is a budget king pole saw in the market. It has got some undeniable character within an affordable budget. The corded pole saw has the 10″ Oregon low-kickback bar and chain. It's high-class performance to cut the hardest branches and limbs. The saw also features the inline motor also allows clear display line. This feature enables the straight pruning as well. It’s an unbelievable saw for any kind of pruning, cutting and trimming tasks. Reaching the high limbs and cut them is not a difficulty for this saw. It’s capable of provide efficient cuts to the overgrown limbs.

The saw is durable as it is extremely well built. You can do your sawing jobs for several years with good maintenance of the saw. People who bought this corded saw were reasonably satisfied according to the Amazon product review section. Adding it to your usual pruning tools would be a wise decision.

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