Best Pole Saw – Reviews with Buying Guide – Electric, Gas & Cordless

Pole saws are unbelievable tools for carrying out common pruning household tasks around the garden. Basically, these could be seen as pole chainsaws, but a lightweight version that is easier to maneuver.

If you’re looking to save time on cutting through tree overhangs, branches and untidy twigs, you can be sure that they will make light work of an otherwise difficult task. Finally, who wants to spend all day laboring on something, when you have a helpful tool best pole saw readily available to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible?

If you have landed on this site, you are possibly one of two people. The first being someone who knows about what model they would like to buy, but want more information about it in the form of reviews, the second is learning about the different types, next to our stihl pole saw ratings and how you can help from using each.

To address the first point we have compared different saws through reviews and guides to try to help you decide which is the most appropriate to your trimming style.

Top Rated Pole Saw - Comparison Table


Product Name

Bar Length

Product Type

electric tree pruner



cordless tree trimmer



electric tree saw



electric tree saw

Greenworks 8.5



electric branch cutter



electric pole trimmer



cordless pruning saw




pole saw gas


Gas Power

pole trimmer



electric pole pruner

Sun Joe SWJ802E



To address the second point, there are currently three main types that control the industry. I will summarize all of these below so you get a better understanding of the key differences, as well as any positives and negatives of pruning with each.

Electric Pole Saws

The quieter lightweight version is the gas models. With this comes some benefits. One, they tend to arrive at cheaper prices, and two, there is far less strain on your upper body due to it’s lightweight design, much similar to the cordless variants.

If keeping costs down is very important to you then these saws will arguably supply the most value for money. You get a reliable level of power, reliability, and usability which allows users to handle many types of gardening tasks from pruning to full on cutting of low hanging branches.

These are a very normal choice. There are plenty of customers purchasing these around the web. Corded electric pole saws surely have many positives. The main points still, I have outlined below.


  • Lighter, easy to shift around with limited strain on arms.
  • Because they are attached to a power vent, they tend to have a additional degree of power compared to the cordless variants.
  • Operates practically quietly
  • Easy to apply


  • Many of these models fight with thicker branches when compared to gas variations, basically because they don’t have the same power ability in most cases.
  • Because it’s friendly to the power outlets, you may need to purchase a addition cable in order to reach more down your garden.

Gas Pole Saws

For complete power, performance and reliability, gas pole saws are a very viable choice for commercial and everyday use. They tend to have a higher level of durability due to their heavy function nature.

Naturally, when we look at how durable a tool is, we find that the longer lasting designs tend to have a connection with overall performance levels in cutting and pruning. And it because of this, that the prices tend to be a bit more expensive than their cordless and electric variant.

They also tend to be bulkier and heavier than their other counterparts, but don’t let this put you off purchasing one, they stand the check of time and tend to have a certain level of reliability not originate in every type of pole saw.

Naturally, there is a bit more maintenance involved, which is all about keeping the filters fresh and in pristine condition.

If you are in the landscaping trade, or simply do a lot of maintenance work for clients, you may wish to pass up the cordless and electric options and as an alternative choose to go with one of these models straight away. Many of them you will find are built to stand the test of time and are verified time and time again to handle all kind of pruning and trimming jobs with simplicity.

The models and brands that operate on gas are normally the heavier duty type that is more often than not used in a more profitable environment. This is not constantly the case however, with many gardening enthusiasts wanting a more powerful alternative for the thicker, more hard cutting jobs.


  • Performance levels are normally higher than cordless and electric types basically because of the extra power.
  • It’s a heavy duty option which is great for the more hard tasks. Cutting thicker branches to be predictable.
  • Durability levels are generally inspiring. This can’t always be supposed for every saw. That’s also ensuring they are correctly maintained.
  • Gas tank will require to be refilled. So money spent on topping up.


  • You will maybe feel the stress on your arms and shoulders a fragment more simply because they consider more than electric models.
  • Quite noisy – A good choice if you wish to wind up the neighbors.
  • Normally speaking, they tend to be extra expensive than the lighter electric options.
  • Not environmentally responsive.

Cordless Pole Saws

Cordless pruners can be exceptionally handy for particular jobs. The lack of cables and wiring can be beneficial. Not only does the design reduce the chances of accidents through tripping, it also tends to be easier to go around thanks to them being extremely light.

The battery needs to be checked often and charged which is one weakness, but there are certainly a lot of positives to be originate when using this type of tool over gas and electric.

Simple to maintain, yet very effectual at handling most pruning and trimming tasks about the garden, These variants present value for money and flexibility all in one package.

Quite self-explanatory in the fact that best rated pole saw of this deviation operates without a cord. Very alike in design to electric types, however not quite on the same levels performance sensible. However, one can take console in the fact that these are a lot more suitable, easy to move around and relatively economical, which is incredible for those of you on a lower budget looking to do some necessary pruning work.


  • As mentioned over, they are lightweight, and easier on your arm muscles.
  • Anyone will be able to use it. It’s user welcoming and very efficient.
  • When you evaluate noise levels to gas saws, there is a visible difference. These still cordless pole saw are amazingly quiet.
  • No cords means no tangles in wiring, compact injury risks and staying free from operational restrictions because it doesn’t need to be friendly to a power supply.


  • Power limitations. It will not have the same level of presentation as the electric and gas powered options.
  • As with most cordless tools, usefulness relies on the power remaining. It will need to be charged regularly which can be an irritating problem for some.


  • What are some safety tips to remember when using a pole saw ?

​Pursue these safety tips when using a pole saw:

  • Wear gloves and a face protect. If you’re using a gas-powered pole saw, wear ear protection.
  • Wear strong outdoor boots that won't slip on damp grass or leaves.
  • Make sure there are no children or pets just about when you use your pole saw.
  • Never stand under the branch you're sawing.
  • Think about where a particular branch might fall before you cut it down.
  • If you’re tackling a long branch, cut it off in sections a couple of feet each. 
  • What are consider when you bye a pole saw ?

When we bye a pole saw, we consider brand, rating, bar length and weight.

Buying guide:

I think the key question here is what type is best suited for your requirements? The only way we can answer this comes down to how often you plan on using it.

If you are someone who does gardening labor on a day to day basis, you may be more interested in a gas option because the longevity and reliability combined with the power are going to help you in the long run.

If you are just looking to preserve the trees and bushes in your garden every now and then, we believe an electric or cordless option is much better suited for your needs simply because they are less expensive, and will normally get the average job done with ease.

Like most things in life, the quality of the tool acquired will ultimately come down to the budget you have which we cover in more detail below, but the rules above are generally true for the majority of consumers.

Extension and reach:

​No two tree’s or branches are the equal. We recognize that some are in more difficult to reach places, while others are lower down and are fast and easy jobs. If you have a job that is going to want getting up high, you will need to keep an eye on the pole pruner get to and how far it extends. While researching, we have found that the majority of models have a get to between eight and twelve feet.

Keep in mind there are some puzzling advertising strategies in this market that include the users height in the get to equation. To stay away from this problem, we suggest looking at maximum extension as this will give you an exact description of what to expect.

Bar length:

When manufacturers apply the terms bar, they are not referring to the rod section in the middle. It is in fact, a reference to the length of the area enclosed by the chain on the end. Anywhere between six and twelve inches tend to be the most familiar options. 

A general regulation of thumb is that the longer the length of this bar, the better chance it has of cutting those thicker, more complicated branches and limbs.


There are numerous leading brands that have great reputations. Focus shouldn’t always be on the brand of a model, hidden charms are missed this way as our explore has shown in the past. However, you can’t go far incorrect looking at the following brands:

  • Husqvarna : A good brand that supplies all sorts of garden tools ranging from blowers, to lawn mowers. Well valued and have been around a long time. Their pruning range has got a large reputation which you can read more about here.
  • Poulan : Another highly rated brand offering some outstanding value for money options. With a history going as far back as 1944, it’s clear that they have some first class technology in their backyard maintenance products.
  • Remington : Anyone who has worked in this industry for a long time will have heard about Remington. When we evaluate their products in online shops, the ratings are almost always high, which underlines the fact that they are making some top class products.
  • GreenWorks : We observe this GreenWorks pole saw brand as the one that provides some of the top rated pole saws. Yes, they can be lower budget, but when you appear at some of the specs they include, it’s logical that they get so much positive feedback from consumers.
  • Earthwise : Maybe not as well known as the others listed above, but at the same time, it’s not a brand that should be dismissed so easily. Looking at their home and garden products, you can see their is quite a lot of positive buzz immediate their models.
  • Troy-Bilt : Feature rich pruners that are prepared with some fantastic settings. Built to be durable beside the day to day trimming tasks and surprising inexpensive in spite of how much is on offer.
  • Sun Joe : Snow Joe has always been looking forward to making some different product with different technologies for their consumers. Chainsaw is right for the ground level. It can sparkling the unnecessary limbs or logs or other waste which are making the garden look dull.
  • Black and Decker : Black and Decker company is one of the most alleged power tool companies in the world. The company is well known for their product’s quality and appropriate products that can be used by anyone.
  • Worx : The saw has automatic oil pump with the level indicator that makes the operating of the saw relaxed. The pole saw is one of the greatest selling products in the market.

Use ratings to your advantage:

​Always consider to keep an eye on customer reviews before you make a purchase. You can often observe a common theme of any faults and difficulties users have uncovered about different pole tree trimmers. Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each model before assembly a decision. It will keep you from headaches down the road.

The top rated options are not constantly the most popular. Sometimes you find hidden gems that have not quite built up the same link as others. These can often be create cheaper than some of the heavy hitting brand names in the industry. In any case, you now have an overview of what to imagine whilst shopping. Good luck.

Pole saw safety guide:

When working with pole saws, mainly overhead, it’s very important to ensure you take the appropriate safety measures to protect yourself. Falling branches and sharp teeth on the chain are all health hazards when the tool is used incorrectly.

Here are a few pointers to keep you from harms way.

Footwear – Ensure you are wearing stable, strong footwear that are designed to be non slip. Smart use of reliable footwear allows you to keep your balance while carrying out your pruning tasks. It would also be a good idea to wear the heavy duty variants that come with steel capped toes.

Helmet – It’s always a good idea to wear a safety helmet when working with branches and limbs. Who knows, one could drop out of nowhere, and you will be pleased that you wore it.

Safety goggles/glasses – Protect your eyesight with goggles. The dust, wood chippings and particles can cause serious damage to your eyes.

Ear protectors – Saws can be known to be loud. While the cordless pole saws are a little bit easier on the ears, consistent use of these tools can have a bad effect on your hearing levels. Covering your ears with plugs or headphones can really help prevent this.

Gloves – Keep your hands out of harms way. With gloves you can also reduce the chance of getting blisters over your fingers from prolonged use.

Power lines – Make sure you are cutting well away from overhead power lines. We suggest giving yourself at least fifteen meters. If the tree you want to cut is closer then that, it’s not worth the risk!

Bystanders – Ensure there is non one standing around you within a 15 meter radius. This will reduce the chances of a branch falling and causing serious injury to bystanders.

Read the manual – Always read the manual before you use it. Guessing is a sure way to land yourself into all kinds of problems. Spend a little time browsing through the pages, taking note of appropriate use and instructions, can save a lot of hassle and protect you and those around you.

Regular maintenance – If the manufacturer recommends regular maintenance, this is something you will want to keep on top of, especially for gas pole saws. What’s more, by doing so you increase the longevity of the product and save yourself cash in repairs.

The maintenance guide:

Keeping your pole saw in great situation should be high up in your priorities. Not only will it increase the durability and longevity, but it will remove the threat of accidents and potential damage that could of been avoided if the correct maintenance procedures were undertaken.

Here are a few instructions to keep in mind:
If you’re someone who uses the saw for pruning on a regular basis, you will want to take note of this list. It could help you save money and headaches in the long run.

  • Clean the chain. Ensure all dust, chippings and dirt are wiped off.
  • Before you begin working with it, make sure the stop button and on triggers are working as they should.
  • If using a gas powered pole saw, keep an eye out for any fuel leaks. 
  • Take some time to clear and clean the air filter.
  • Clean the fuel tank out at least once a month.
  • Keep the carburetor clean.
  • It may be worth changing spark plugs every so often.
  • If you operate off a electrical saw, you may want to check the cables regularly to ensure there is no damage.
  • Keep the fan wheel sparkling clean.
  • Wipe clean the outside of the tool. This will remove any oily substances from remaining on the handle areas. Which really is an accident waiting to happen.

If you require more information about maintaining a specific brand or model, you may want to check the owners manuals section here.

If you find you have conducted all the maintenance required, but the pole saw you own isn’t quite up to scratch, why not have a read of our pole saw reviews section. We take a look at some of the leading products on the market, and compare and analyses their features.

A few considerations before you buy:

Before you decide to go out and make a purchase, you should always be smart and think about exactly what you need your product to do. In doing so, you lessen the chance of ending up with something that doesn’t quite do the tasks you ask of it. Listed below are a few pointers that may make this slightly easier for you.

  • Budget – One of your first responsibilities should be outlining what your budget is. By doing so, you will be capable to filter through our guides easier. We will point you in the exact direction regardless of whether you are operating on a lower budget, of high. You will get huge amount of variety in price. Some will be under $500, others below $200, even as you can also find some cheap options that fall below $100. These all comes down to user preferences.
  • Reach – Think about what length you will call for to reach the highest branches in your own back yard. Aim for something within this range as you won’t actually need something that goes above and beyond as it will increase the price.
  • Weight – Because you are usually working with no the extras, for example no cord, these products are often very light from the go. However, you may desire to look at this before you decide to buy. We suggest this so that people don’t end up with a tool that is hard for them to lift and handle.
  • Brand – Some brand names are bigger and more accepted than others. Sometimes through quality, other times on status alone. We have selected out some of our favorites on the right hand side menu. Plenty of top options that have received positive reaction on the web.
  • Power – You will want to ask yourself what the products cutting power is when separated from the cord. This is where this type can fall short, particularly when up against gas options. However, you can often anticipate them to be lightweight and perfect for trimming bushes and small trees and plants.
  • Warranty – Make sure you investigate into what sort of warranty policy is included with the product. Sometimes you contain separate policies for the bar and the working parts, so there is no set in stone option and it varies by quite a bit.
  • Consumer ratings – Before you make any decisions final, you will want to get a final look at various reviews around the web from major retailers online. They can often give you first hand experience on how successful their tool is and what sort of value it has brought to the table.


I quite often get that the best pole saws are not always the most expensive. As someone who has worked in this industry for rather a few years now, I find it’s getting the right mix between money used up and what features you need.

Have a good, long think about the tasks you will apply it for, how tall the bushes and trees you are going to work with will be, and the level of depth you will be cutting through. All of these needs to be taken into account before you make any decision. You should also judge how often you’re going to use it. Will it be recovered for something low cost, if you’re only going to use it once a year.

Once you have looked into the above, be sure to read our reviews of individual products to realize the advantages and benefits of each product. We aim to provide inclusive reviews by analyzing individual products conditions and finding information on their capabilities, performance, value, and design.

However, if you’re still besieged to find a match for you’re requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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